Simple tips to look your best each time you wear a bright lipstick

Bright lipsticks are a complete mood-changer, they instantly put you in a better mood and help to make even the most boring and dull outfit appear more jazzed up. While bright lipsticks do have the ability to turn you into a stunning diva, pulling off dark colors isn’t always easy. When it comes to wearing dark or bright lipsticks, problems like bleeding, uneven fading, smearing, and looking OTT are mostly associated with it. If you have been there and experienced these things, then all you need to do is keep certain things in mind before you choose to wear bright lipstick. To help you ensure none of the above-stated things happen to you, we have put together a list of some simple steps, which on being followed will make you look your best each time you have to wear a bright lip color.

Exfoliate and moisturize your lips

Applying lip colors on dry and flaky lips will only end up being a disaster. Therefore, you should exfoliate your lips regularly to eliminate dead skin cells from the surface and make your lips feel softer and smoother. And once you are done exfoliating your lips, follow it with a lip balm to deliver hydration to your lips and keep them well moisturized. The smoother and hydrated your lips, the flawless your lip color will look.

Create a canvas for your lipstick

If you want your lipstick to deliver better color pay off and want it to last longer, then you should start with creating a clean slate for your lipstick, wondering how to do that? Well, all you need is either a regular primer or concealer to the trick. Take a tiny amount of either of the product and apply it on your lips to create a base. This trick will help to ensure that your lipstick lasts longer and the color also looks enhanced.

Choose the right shade

No matter what skin tone you belong to, the truth is, not every lipstick shade will look flattering on you. Speaking of which, when it comes to investing in a bright lipstick, you should always pick a shade according to your skin type and choose the one that flatters your skin tone the most. Some shades can either wash out your complexion or look OTT, if you are having a hard time finding a suitable shade for you, you can use this trick. Bright colors that have pink and blue undertones that look fabulous on fair-skinned people, and when it comes to dusky and medium skin tones, warmer pinks and oranges are the best options to consider.

Use your lip liner

Lip liners are designed to serve a wonderful purpose, and not using it will be such a shame. Take a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick and use it to line your lips. This will not only allow you to apply lipstick more precisely but will also keep the color from straying. Additionally, using a lip liner helps to make your lips look even bigger and defined.

Blot the excess color


If you are worried that the color of your lipstick is going to come off pretty quickly, then you can use this amazing tip. Applying lipstick in layers will help it to last through the day. However, you need to follow the steps carefully, after you are done applying the first layer of lipstick, blot the excess color from your lips and then apply the second layer of lipstick, keep following these steps until you are satisfied with the intensity of color. Also, you can keep the lipstick from staining your lips by putting your index finger inside the mouth and pulling it out slowly.

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