Styling tips to make your arms look thinner in sleeveless outfits

Nobody is born perfect; every person has certain issues with the way their body looks. While some find it extremely embarrassing to be very slim on the side, some just couldn’t come out of their comfort zone and feel conscious about wearing sleeveless outfits due to their flabby arms. Girls, it’s high time you feel more confident about your body and embraces what you’ve got. This is not the right way to treat your body, while we understand that your inner consciousness doesn’t allow you to feel the same but it’s you who will have to convince yourself that much like any other girl, you can also wear sleeveless outfits like a pro. Your confidence along with some few styling tips and tricks are the main key to acing any sleeveless outfit. To help you feel more confident in sleeveless numbers without making your arms look flabby, we have listed some tips and tricks for you that will display your arms the right way.

V-neck outfits to the rescue

V-neck is one of the most flattering cuts any girl or woman could try. And that’s not the only best thing about v neckline, this cut works wonderfully for girls with flabby arms who want to fake them into looking slim. While v-necks do not completely make your arms look slim but what this does is, it helps in accentuating your collar bones and draws all the attention towards your neck in particular. This is a great way to divert attention from your flabby arms and hide them smartly. However, make sure that the straps of your outfit fit perfectly and are not loose, otherwise, it would seem like they are digging into your shoulder and this would create an unwanted bulge.

Give butterfly sleeves a try

Butterfly cut is basically short sleeves that are barely there and helps to cover the broadest part of your shoulder; making your arms look slimmer. They may come with sleeves but you can really count those numbers as sleeveless because the amount of coverage the little flaps provide to your shoulder is very less. you can give butterfly sleeves a chance to see if it works favorably for your body.

Avoid wearing strapless dresses

It’s better that you steer away from strapless numbers as they can make your arms look more prominent and flabby. When you wear a strapless dress, it pushes everything in the upward direction including the skin surrounding your armpit area and that can easily make your arms look bulkier than they actually are. This is why we would suggest you stay away from wearing strapless dresses as they wouldn’t be helping you in any way.

Wear in-cut styles

In-cut style pieces hold the tendency to work favorably for your arms. Regular sleeveless outfits tend to cut your arms at a distinctive point which further makes them look flabby and bigger. Instead of going for regular sleeveless cut, look for in-cut style numbers with the deep cut as they will help in showing off your shoulder a little more; making your arms look slimmer. So the next time you plan to purchase or wear a sleeveless outfit, look for something with a deeper cut or thinner straps so that your shoulders can be seen a little bit more.

Wear thin accessories on your wrist

Choosing the right sleeves cut or strap is not the only way to make your arms look slimmer, it goes beyond that. Accessories can prove to be of great help only if you know what pieces to use. Look for adornments with thin straps and not thick ones as they can make your arms look bigger as they cut the length of your arms. Loose fitted, thin, fragile accessories will help in making your arms look slimmer and sleek. Steer away from anything broad and chunky as they can work against the appearance of your arms.

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