How to pull off a stunning first date outfit?

First dates come only once and so, you must strike a balance between wearing the right thing and overdoing it. There are a lot of things one must keep in mind while styling an outfit for a first date. But out of all these things, balancing is the key to everything. Whether it is your color choices, accessories options or curating combinations- make sure everything has been styled together to curate one perfectly balanced outfit. Here are a few tricks as to how you should choose your perfect first date outfit. Have a look and pull off this look in style!

Choose a color that you are complimented for!

One of the foremost things that you should keep in mind while picking your first date outfit is the color of the outfit. Now here we won’t say that you should pick something that is neutral or subtle or less blingy. No, that is definitely not the point here. The point is to pick something that complements your skin tone and looks good on you. Whenever we go out, we pick that apparel that suits our body the most. We pick that color that looks good on our skin the most. This is the trick. Whatever shade it is- bright, neural or blingy; you can pick it for your first date outfit because that is sure to impress no matter what! Pick a dress, trousers and blouse, jacket- anything you like!

Pay attention to the location as well

The location of your first date matters a lot. Whether you are going to a fancy place or a casual cafe, reflects on your choices differently. The clothing choices matter a lot and that is why it is important to pay attention to these criteria. You can’t wear your formal pantsuit to a casual cafe and similarly, you can’t wear your baggy jeans to an uptight restaurant. These things matter and thus, the dress code must be followed especially when it is your first date. Pick a nice sundress or a casual dress, denim and a tee, or boyfriend jeans with sneakers for a lunch date. Pick a sexy bodycon dress in black and wine to portray ultimate flattering for a night date. These things will actually make the person think you made an effort.

Wear your comfortable pieces

We all want to look flattering and impressive on our first date. For this, you need to pick something that is stylish as well as comfortable. There are a lot of outfits that can look stylish and still keep you at ease all day. You don’t want to make a joke of yourself on the first date so it is advised to wear something that is ultra-comfy and also showcases a stunning silhouette for your first date. Some of us might prefer wearing dresses and some might like jeans. You can wear anything you like but just remember to pair it with the right accessories. Pick the most stunning footwear as well. Wear your sneakers if you feel comfortable in them or wear your pumps if that satisfies you.

Do not show too much skin

It’s always good to show some skin and create sexy silhouettes for your outings. But overdoing this might look vulgar. If you are going on a first date, you don’t want to appear too much in the face or look flashy. The safest option is to pick something that shows minimal skin and makes you look elegant. To pull off this look, you can wear something like a sleeveless top or a top with straps. This kind of top is one of the best options for a first date because it will show just the perfect amount of body. This balance of clothing is very important because creating this first impression will have after-effects for a long time. Pick Calf-length dresses, sleeveless tops or capris for the ultimate style.

Avoid too many accessories

You don’t want to blind the person on your first date, do you? Then avoid wearing too many accessories because they will come right in the other person’s face and look all flashy and gaudy. There are so many accessories that you can wear and you must wear them without any second thoughts. But do not overdo it. Wearing blingy accessories like heavy chains, bulky gold jewelry. gaudy rings, etc. This will distract your date and alter all the attention towards all these things. Balancing is the key whenever you are styling outfits for every occasion. Whether it is your date or workplace or casual lunch, a perfect balance of accessories and apparel is a must. Pick sleek jewelry for your first date and flatter your first impression!

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