Let’s Pair the Skinny Jeans with the Trendy Tops

Skinny jeans have been a part of everyday apparel for a decade now. However, a few body types do feel hesitant to try on skinny jeans. They feel their body-hugging feature will make their figure appear awkward and it will reflect the clingy fat around the thighs and the cuffs. Well, it can do that if you are not wearing your size. Talking about size pear shapes feel their body will not look great in these, but you are wrong. Actually, truth be told, all the bodies who think skinny jeans are not for them are wrong. These are the most versatile and every lasting pair of jeans that you need to own. So let’s talk about what can your pair with these jeans so that, you enhance the beauty of your God gifted figure.

A Shirt

This is a classy night out and work combination as well. This can be a go-to look for a casual; as well as, a formal get-together. Now, how you want to style your buttoned shirt? Don’t close all the buttons till your beast. Leave some space, let the skin peep through. Let’s say three top buttons should be kept open, however for an official meeting you want to switch to two. Now, the sleeves don’t have to be tied around the wrist fold them properly rather than pulling them back. This look is leaning towards elegance and that the purpose of wearing a shirt. Clothing needs to be respected in a manner; we all know shirts are formal wear, try to go for that rather the messy look.


Any t-shirt which has a graphic pattern, the print will look sure cool with skinny jeans. These add a sort of casual fun look. If you are wearing rugged jeans than nothing with go better on it but a graphic tee. You can look for the quotes one if you are into quotes, this will turn out to be the look in your favor. You can tuck-in the tee if you want, it can look great but if it is a regular fit then it’s better to leave it in that manner. A relaxed or oversize tee can be tied up or tuck in. If you are young then you will be more comfortable in trying out this look. Even the elderly can pull this cool look, by wearing sneakers along with the tee.

Tunic Tops

If you are a pear body or apple body then you would want to confide the heavy parts behind. Thus the tunic tops can help you do that. There are trendy, thin fabric blouses that can look flattery on your body so find the asymmetry top with these jeans. They shouldn’t be anything longer than the hip line, because it will create an awkward look. You can pull this look with the help of high heels if you are wearing a longer top, as high heels with make your legs look longer.

Loose Tank Top

Skinny jeans are already-fit jeans and wearing a skin fit tank top will not be giving a good shape to your body unless you are an hourglass or that you are wearing another layer on top of it. So you need to settle for layers or loose tank tops. Tuck in the top from the front and leave it open from behind; this will create an asymmetry look which is what we have to create. If you are wearing layers in winters such as a nice leather jacket and for summers you have the big kimonos. You can wear these to look identical. Coming to the feet you can wear pumps. If you want to wear sneakers they can look good for a casual outing. The loafers and waistcoat can make this look office wear. Similarly, if you wear a jacket with the platform heels you can work out this dress for a dinner outing.

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