The Exaggerated Skin-care Items to Fool Us

These days’ people have begun to be much aware of their skin-care, especially when we have so much knowledge floating around us, why wouldn’t we be aware. It is good to take care of one’s skin but applying 10 products every day is not going to do anything special to your skin. Stick to the basic skin-care products and don’t fall for these extra products. So let’s begin with the non-wanted skin-care products or products that you are using unnecessarily from your routine.

Lip Scrub

It is merely an extra product for your lips. You really don’t have to buy it from the market there are pretty cool natural remedies to cure the chapped or dry lips. If you apply balm on an everyday basis then there is no way you will get chapped lips. In extreme situations as well when your lips have cracks in them, don’t you think scrub will be harsh on them, and you will feel more pain? This is a non-wanted product. There are lips hydrating masks which would be much better for the lips which need hydration rather than the lip scrub. You need to kick out this product as soon as one of the purchased bottle is over.

Specialized Cream

Specialized creams are cream for your eyes, foot, hands, etc. do we need these? Well, the answer is no if you ask me because these specialized creams are nothing but another tact of marketing. All you need for your body is a face cream and a body lotion. If your skin is too dry get a hydrating lotion to cure it. Buying anti-aging creams is a total waste of money. So stop investing in these creams, if you have wrinkles then the cream which you are using on your face could be easily applied to your hands. Dilute the cream with the help of lotion and use it.

Hydrating Serum

Once you have applied toner and then the vitamin C serum, is there a need for hydrating serum? Think of the following steps after vitamin C you will apply moisturizer, then primer, the foundation or BB cream whichever you choose. So after the three applied layers of hydration which are toner, moisturizer and serum do you need and extra hydrating serum. Well, definitely not, instead of buying a hydrating serum even for dry skin, use Vitamin C serum. It is not only better but has exceptionally good results for your skin. No need of applying hydrating serum at all.

Face Mask- sheets

I would not say face masks are not at all useful, because they are. It is basically a luxury item. Since luxury items are not a necessity so it wouldn’t be wrong to include this product in here. A single hydration mask sheet is not cheap, instead of getting 10 mask sheets if you invest in the face serum it will last you longer and you will have a worth of money. Moreover, a face mask sheet is not doing anything extra for you, that what serum is doing. So if you are using serum then you probably won’t need the sheet. But you can try in once in a while after you have exfoliated your skin and toned apply the sheet and feel relaxed.

Stretch Marks Cream

If you are thinking of getting rid of the postpartum stretch marks or body fat stretch marks, then let me tell you for sure these creams will be of no help. Our stretch marks have stages. Firstly they are purple slowly, then they turn red, and finally white. When they are in the purple and red stage you can still cure them but as soon as they have turned white no cream can cure them. It will be good if you accept your body in that manner, otherwise, you can go for skin treatments, which are not cheap.

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