Styling Tips That Will Work Like Magic to Make Look Slim

Every once in a while, we all have got the extra water-fat around our waist and stomach. It happens during the season change when our routine doesn’t shift but nature is changing and our body is trying to adjust with the outside changes. Sometimes the lazy autumn makes us feel dizzy and fatigue all the time, so we don’t really think of working out but with the spring approaching, we need to hide the curves and get back in shape. Today will be discussing with you these early springtime fat gain clothing tricks that will give you the time to work out and get back to the fit shape, which you had before. Let’s begin with our dress hacks.

Dress hack-1 Tunic Top

In the ongoing season, you don’t want to go for light or thin fabric because of the weather change. So you can find these really classy tunic tops. Basically, they are like a flat dress. So you have no fitting, they just have a falling texture which gives you coverage. Since they are falling and don’t hug your body so they look great when worn to the office or even a grocery shopping. This trick can help you hide the fatty arms if you wear a quarter-length sleeve in this texture. Try to find the fall-flat tops in solid colors because patterns do gain unwanted attention.

Dress hack-2 Tuck Top

If you have gained just a small bounce around your stomach then you can pull that with the help of tucking. When you tuck the top from the center, the fabric accumulates around the side just hiding the slight bounce underneath. So if you are comfortable with a side tuck, or a center tuck with the T-shirts or blouses, just go for them. They look just great and you will be amazed by how much coverage you get. It will be as if you have no tummy. One thing, don’t try this with low waist jeans or a high waist. This trick works well with the mid-rise jeans.

Dress hack-3 Low-Waist Jeans with Belt

If you have a bunch of low waist jeans and you are not ready to give them just yet. However, wearing a t-shirt with these jeans does make your waist look bigger, so buy some belts. By wearing a belt, you get an extended outer layer besides your jean. It doesn’t make the fat gather around the waist look too heavy. It sort of makes it look normal as you have the extra coverage of the belt making your waist look thin. Moreover, there are certain jeans which fit us perfectly and we are not ready to give them up.

Dress hack-4 Wrap dress

A wrap dress is in trend for decades if not centuries. These have such a great fit around the bust that we simply cannot resist getting them for oneself. Most of the wrap dresses hit the best spot on our waist. They are just under the bust, which is the thinnest part of our waist. Now, if it has a falling texture than this dress is simply great. You can just get any fabric any print in this dress. The satin dress looks kind of red carpet dresses but you can just wear them for a date night. They have the extra charm which will impress not only you but others around you.

Dress hack-5 A-Line Skirt

The last option to wear is an A-line skirt. These skirts should start from your waist, till just above the knee anything bigger than that can make you look like a nun. Not that, nuns don’t have a good dressing style, it’s just not fashionable. It’s a sophisticated more or elderly women look, which no one likes much. Therefore dress it a little high-waist if you like with a fitted top. This can look cute and a total spring style dress.

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