Must Have Makeup Tools

Makeup is fun to work with but you can face a hard time blending it when you are not using the right tools. Employing the precise gizmos is all you need to create the awe so flawless makeup. Though makeup applicators come in a wide range of sizes, materials, shape, lengths, and density you are not supposed to buy thousand of them, just a few staple brushes in your vanity and you are good to go.

Whether you are a beginner or a makeup hoarder, these brushes are your tool of the trade that is enough to master any makeup look whether you want to create a glam look or soft makeup look. There are so many brushes in the market and each one serves a different purpose, thus it gets very confusing to what to hoard in. Don’t worry you have clicked on the right feed, we’ve compiled five must-have makeup tools that you can use every time you do your makeup.

Lash Curler

Though many of us are reluctant to use a lash curler, it really makes a difference. It makes the lashes look well aligned and lifted. You are supposed to use them before applying your mascara but can be used alone in case you want a more natural-looking makeup. Lash curler tends to hold the mascara for a longer time and helps in the precise application of the mascara. They give an illusion of longer lashes thus making your eyes look more presentable. Ladies, it is a must-have in your kit.

Beauty blender

Beauty blenders have revolutionized the whole makeup application since the day they were discovered. Blending your makeup has become much easier after the evolution of beauty blender into the makeup world. It is similar to makeup sponge but better in performance. Whether you apply a foundation, or a tinted moisturizer, or a concealer beauty blender is there to blend that all giving you a flawless base. You are supposed to dampen the sponge before using it this will create a perfect texture to dab the product into your skin. Beauty blender makes everything look supernatural while still providing coverage.

One quick tip for you, apply the product with your fingers and then work with a damp beauty blender doing this will surely serve as a winning combo.

Smudging brush

We all love to create a Smokey eye look, don’t we? Smudging brush is the go-to tool for achieving that perfect Smokey eye look. Every girl should own a smudging brush; not just it helps in creating a Smokey look but can explicitly be used to create various other looks. Let us tell you our secret of using a smudging brush in multiple ways, thus taking out the best of it. Just spray a makeup fixer on the brush and dip it into your favorite eye shadow and use it on your eyelid to create a not so natural look. You can even use it to line your lower lash line. See, one brush and multiple uses.

Blending Brush

Blending Brush is a soft domed shaped brush. This Fluffy Brush is a vital tool in your vanity. Whether you are creating a natural makeup look or a party makeup look, this brush will help in diffusing the eye shadow to your eyelid effortlessly. Your eye shadow will blend beautifully into your lids giving it a flawless look and all the credit goes to the blending brush. Generally, we use single shadows daily when we are short of time, over our lid and this works like a magic in both application and blending of the shadow. This one is a highly recommended brush.

Face mist

Face mist or setting spray whatever you say is the finishing product. They are generally used after applying makeup to set it all in place. Not only does it help in keeping makeup intact for a long time but it also hydrates the face and gets rid of too much powder. In case you live in hot humid countries this is a must-have makeup tool in your vanity. The added mist gives your skin natural dew and glows that makes the makeup look awesome.
You can also use it the other way around. Just spray your eye shadow brushes with it and see the magic. Your brush will pick more pigment of the shadow giving you a more precise look.

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