Why lockdown is the best time to add new products to your routine

While we are not a big fan of this lockdown or quarantine period considering how staying indoors for too long can get extremely boring and way too difficult to kill the time, you might not realize it, but this might also have been benefitting you in quite a lot of ways. Staying indoors can be hard, but all the spare time that we have had has got us into developing certain habits such as cooking, working on your hobbies, binge-watching your favorite shows, and whatnot. And when it comes to your skin, it might not be acting the same way it used to before the lockdown. Just because you are staying indoors all day every day, it doesn’t mean you have done your skin a huge favor and protected it from its worst enemies. It might be hard to believe, but thinking your skin is fully protected under the four walls of your house is just a misconception. While UV rays and pollution might not be a problem anymore, there are so many other reasons that can be responsible for your skin acting up. Just when we thought that our skin is secured indoors, it all came crashing down in the first few months itself, and that’s quite a bummer.
High-stress levels, anxiety, erratic sleep pattern, lack of fresh air, and not following your skincare routine are some of the major reasons why your skin is acting the way it is during the lockdown. And before you start sulking about all the skincare woes that’s troubling you in this lockdown, hear us out. You will find no better opportunity than this lockdown to be more attentive towards your skin and keep up with all its requirements and needs. It’s time to take some action, and other than switching your skincare routine, you can also choose to add new products to your beauty routine and check them for their effectiveness. Listed below are all the reasons why this lockdown is the right opportunity for you to give some new skincare products a try.

No worries about your skin getting exposed to environmental stressors

Your skincare products lend more advantages to your skin than you imagine. Other than keeping your skin well hydrated and nourished, they also help to shield your precious skin from harmful environmental stressors such as UV rays, dirt, pollution, and much more. Your moisturizer or daily cream is one of the most crucial skincare products, and we all certainly expect a lot out of this product, which somehow prevents us from getting the desired results. However, now that you are staying indoors for the majority of the time, you can use this opportunity to find the best product for yourself, which truly works wonders for your skin.

Reduced temperature fluctuations

Fluctuating temperature is one of the main reasons why your skin starts to act up, and when you commute on a daily basis, the change in temperature in your surroundings can leave your skin confused, which further makes it either too oily or dry. Now that you have been staying at home, temperature fluctuations wouldn’t really be a problem. This will allow your skin to breathe properly and act normally, which will also make it easier for your skin to react better to all the potent ingredients present in your skincare products.

You have got plenty of time to do an elaborate skincare routine

This lockdown period is the best time you have to got to revive your skin health. Every skincare product works differently and serves a different purpose, and for it to able to show effective results, it’s imperative to use the product in the right way. Every product requires a particular amount of time to work effectively, and this stands true for most of your skincare products. When it comes to washing your face, you should spend at 60 seconds to cleanse your face, and as for your serum, give your skin some rest for about 5 minutes to allow it to absorb the product and follow it up with a moisturizer. It’s time you shake up your skincare routine and restore your skin.

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