Cozy and Comfy Wardrobe Essential for Work from Home Phase

We all have been stuck at home for a while now and the things aren’t as easy as they were before. Besides, we aren’t even sure about how long this will continue. All we can do about this situation is, we deal with it in the possible ways we would be dealing with the other things in our lives. So, let’s talk about what changes do your need to adapt about this new culture. First of all, we will have to make changes in the way we have been dressing. Because we cannot feel comfortable dressed up in the clothes we were to wear to the office while we are at home. So what should we be investing in to stay comfy while we are working from home?

Linen shorts

Since, when you are going to be on a video conference the visible part of your outfit will be the upper body so you need to make that more appropriate and dress down for the lower body. Well, you can be wearing linen shorts. The shorts are so nice and comfy. You will be comfortable wearing them you can find them in various lengths, and during the summers you can easily head out in this outfit. Because linen shorts aren’t only comfortable while you are at home, these are appropriate to be worn to the market and running other household errands. You can get them in patterns or solids as you like. All colors look marvelous except for a solid black. If you like black then, you can wear it at home.

Boyfriend shirt

The next loose-fitting dress that could be worn by you at home while you are sitting in front of the laptop due to your working hours is a boyfriend shirt. These are again extremely appropriate for work. You can dress them up and down as you like. Keeping all the buttons shut will be the choice for the video calls. Otherwise, you can wear some nice jewels around the neck to dress these up, if you are planning on going out after work. It can be worn up with nice jeans and some heels if you like or you can wear your sneakers. A boyfriend shirt isn’t meant to be a homey dress-up. It can be your outfit for the market and the work from the home phase.

Loose fit trousers


The next in line is the loose fit lounge pants or the trousers as you want to call them. These can be helpful for your morning run as well as the homely lounge work time. If you take these in black then trusts me you can fool anyone with them being pants and not trousers. Make sure that these are pure jet black and not other tone mixed in it. It can be your partner to grab your everyday meals if you are eating out or if you are planning to visit the grocery store after you have done the work of the day, or maybe you are planning on taking your kids to the park after can be anything you like.

Neutral tee

The last are the neutral or the solid tee. These are just the perfect option for your work home wardrobe. Since these are going to be much see-through and we all love plain solid tee. Therefore, you cannot go wrong wearing a neutral tee. There is one or another color tee that we all like and therefore, it is ideal for us to be dressing up in them. Besides, we will not have to decide on what to pair with these as everything will look perfectly flawless with these. If you need suggestions on which colors you can pick, then pastel colors are in these days. You can pick up neons. These are more suited for the workouts; however, pastel is the best choice for you.

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