Primers for all skin type

Have you ever faced issues with makeup: clogging your pores or accentuating them, or rubbing off makeup within few hours of its application? I am sure we all have faced that, that’s what has brought you to this feed. You must have heard only one answer to your problem “Primers”, but are not sure of what it is.
Makeup has all evolved these days. Few initial steps have emerged in the makeup world that is great. Primer is one of them. The ultimate solution to all your makeup problems. The first thing you put on your face before applying any makeup is a primer. It acts as a barrier between your skin and the product you apply to say foundation. It prevents the product from entering your skin and thus clogging your pores. Primers have even proved very effective in the longevity of makeup. If you apply the right type of primer to your skin, you will see your foundation will last much longer than it usually used to last. All the beauty gurus swear by it.
Primers can get a bit confusing even though its usage is very simple. With so many products around the corner and with different compositions, it has become test the water type of situation in finding out the primer that suits you. Don’t worry, here we have provided you the types of primer as per your skin type. So, that you don’t end up buying and re-buying irrelevant stuff.

Silicone-based primers

Silicone-based primers are best suited for oily skin. If you will have a look at the ingredients of the primer it will have silicone in it. Silicon-based primers create a barrier between your skin and the makeup you apply, thus preventing the makeup from entering into your clogs that will result in clogged pores. Clogged pores result in many skin issues and acne is one of them. So, oily skin ladies applying makeup without silicon-based primer is big no.

Water-based primers

Water-based primers are formulated for dry-skin beauties. This type of primer amplifies the hydration level and thus is best suited for dry skin ladies. Water is the main component of these types of primers. Does your makeup not glide to your skin or applying makeup to your skin strips off the hydration and get patchy? Water-based primers are the solution to above-said problems.
This type of primer is light, airy and won’t clog your pores too, still providing a nice base to your foundation. What else do we want?

Color correcting primers

We all are not blessed with flawless skin. Some of us have major skin issues dark circles, redness, blemishes and dull skin that even a foundation cannot tackle. Here, is when color correcting primers comes to your rescue. Color correcting primers involves two products color corrector and a primer. That implies it is a two in one product that provides the benefit of both.
You can opt for orange color correcting primer if you face the issue of dark circles, a green one if want to conceal redness, and purple one if you want to contradict dullness. They are available in three colors each one targeting different skin problems.

Pore minimizing primers

Pore minimizing primers are infused with a pore blurring technology that instantly minimizes the appearance of your pose, giving it a smoother surface to work on. We girls usually have large or small pores around the nose which awfully looks bad and usually traps foundation. If you suffer from the issue of pores, we recommend you to use a pore minimizing primer before applying your foundation to get a smoother and clean look.

Cream primers

A cream primer is a dry skin beauty best friend. It helps in moisturizing and hydrating your skin and thus is perfect for dry skin. The moisturization provided by these primers helps the foundation to glide on easily on dry skin beauties.
It would be like 2 in 1 step. How awesome is that? Apply a cream primer and it can act as your moisturizer and primer both.

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