Foolproof Guide to Caring Your Chemically Treated Hair

We all love to experiment with our look, don’t we? And often all these experiments are borne by our beautiful hair, which costs us a fortune. From getting them permanently straight or coloring them, our hair has to go with all this torture which tends to make it fall and brittle. All this makes our hair too dry and it tends to look like a straw.
But don’t panic if your hair has been performing badly. Everything has a solution and so is this. Just a little care and your hair will retain its natural intensity. The hair care ideas provided in this feed can be used by anyone but should be religiously followed by chemically treated hair. Follow these steps and you are good to go.

Get it trim

The first and foremost step in getting your hair back to life is to get it trim. Nothing in the world can repair damaged hair but a nice trim. It’s best to get rid of those dry ends. Trimming your hair is the fastest and easiest way to mane your look healthy as you’re chopping off the problem area. Even if you have not treated your hair chemically but make this your religious habit of regularly getting it trim. This will enable faster growth of your hair, keeping it healthier.

Indulge in Co-wash

Co-wash often regarded as “conditioner- only washing “is the perfect way to retain some moisture in your hair. This is the most recommended step for dry and dead hair. If your hair is not completely dirty and you can skip a normal wash with shampoo, try washing it by conditioner. Apply conditioner to your damp hair and wait for 10 minutes and rinse it off. Avoid blow-drying your hair when you opt for co-wash, dry it naturally.
Washing your hair with conditioner will lock the moisture in your hair making it look more lustrous. But remember not to apply too much conditioner as that will weigh down your hair. Co-washing is the technique to use in between washes not regularly that will help keep your hair hydrated and avoid stripping of hair’s natural oils.

Avoid overheating

That is the toughest thing to do. We just cannot resist ourselves from doing that. Whether going to attend a party or for a special occasion, we use hair tools so often. But, ladies you have to curb the use of styling tools. Especially if you have chemically treated your hair, try to eliminate the usage of hair styling tools. No to all your styling allies-be it a blow-dry, a curling iron, and straightener… you know the drill. Try to air-dry your locks and use a leave-in conditioner. Follow this for a few days and you will surely see a difference.

Start deep- conditioning

Try to add a deep conditioner to your hair care routine. Deep conditioners are conditioners but unlike conditioners they are kept for a longer time on your hair, to get effective results. They are like a hair mask. A deep- conditioner strengthens your hair, making it strong.
Just massage them to your hair and keep it for 10-30 minutes, don’t forget to cover your hair with a shower cap when you’ve applied the deep conditioners. Remember deep conditioners uses heat and time to penetrate through the strand to provide more noticeable results. Don’t expect an overnight miracle, nothing works overnight be patient while using these products. They will for sure take some time to show results.

Go Natural

Natural is the best. There is nothing best than going natural. Try to ditch those chemically loaded products that just burn a hole in your pocket and do nothing as claimed by them. Natural products and remedies are light on pocket and much more effective in function. Look for these ingredients in your products- seaweed, rosemary, honey, and coconut oil. You can for sure try some DIY’S. Don’t forget to oil your hair.

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