Manicure Ideas to Look Your Best This Halloween

Halloween is almost here! You must be looking for unique ideas to scare everybody and make your house more appealing with added haunted elements.

Why not start with your own self and begin things? Yes, your makeup can play a huge role in conveying to people how evident you want your festival spirit to be and nails are an awesome way of speaking the colors of Halloween. Creativity is brought to the table when quirky nails come through. Here are the top ideas for manicures that you can wear for Halloween. They are pretty and pretty spooky!


  1. Haunted Pumpkins

Style – Square

Colors you will need – orange and black

How? – Paint your nails in jet black. Then, put on a stencil with scary eyes and mouth cut out. Now paint over the stencil with a vibrant shade of orange and let it dry a bit. Pull out the stencil and polish everything with a top coat to get a glossy finish. The black pumpkins will look orange from the inside. Contrast!


  1. Bloody Hell

Style – Oval

Colors you will need – Black, violet, and crimson red

How? – Start with a nude nail and paint the nail’s tip in black, slowly fading into shades of violet. Now in a stippling motion, use crimson red nail paint to blur out the violet upwards, creating a fading effect. Do not move further than the lower half of the nail length. This should look like a rotten blood stain.


  1. Dripping Blood

Style – Almond

Colors you will need – white and blood red

How? – Paint your nail in the shade of white all over its length. Then proceed to pick a rich red nail color and slowly begin to drip some from the cuticle. Make the droplets or use a stencil for the same. The dripping blood on white will give the ‘IT’ look. Make the red hue more glossy, not matte!


  1. Cute Skulls

Style – Square (short)

Colors you will need – white and black

How? – Paint your nails in white from length to length. Now with a fine brush dipped in black and a lot of concentration, draw the elements of skulls (no need to go full-fledge). Draw two big dots in the middle with some gap in between and then two smaller dots right below them in the center. Then draw three short lines ending at the tip and carve out the corners.


  1. Peeking Bats

Style – Oval

Colors you will need – black, lemon yellow, orange, and red

How? – Start with spreading matte black nail paint all over your nails. Then draw in bat eyes, with different colors, fitting 2-3 pairs of eyes on one nail. The drawings should be done irregularly just to give out the wilderness theme.


  1. Alien Blood

Style – Square

Colors you will need – green and black

How? – Splash your nail in black nail paint first. Then pick a bright color of green and draw in the drips from the cuticles and bring them to the half of the nail. You can also use a stencil. Finish the nails off with a glossy top coat.


Before culminating your scary parties with a kiss from the devil, present yourself in the most dashing attire that subtly or boastfully represents the vibe of Halloween. This trick will be even more pleasant if you wish to combine it with a sultry or bold dress. Thereby only your nails will be robust with the colors of Halloween. You will be as presentable and chic both ways. This is a fun way to include Halloween in your clothing; you should consider one for yourself!

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