5 Signs That You’ve Over-Exfoliated Your Skin

Exfoliation can do the world of good to your skin but over-exfoliation can make your skin worse. So, while you do exfoliation make sure you’re not over-exfoliating your skin. But, the question is how to really check that?
Of course, the time factor is the biggest way to see whether or not you have done over-exfoliation but in your skincare when you combine a bunch of natural and chemical exfoliation it’s easy to over-do with exfoliation.
And, the best part is your skin tells you about that. Here we have compiled 5 signs your skin is giving you that maybe you have over-done the exfoliation process.
Read the 5 signs that depict you’re over-exfoliating.

Your Skin Tingles


The biggest hint your skin gives you is in the form of a tingling sensation each time you apply a product. If your skin tends to tingle a lot on all the go-to products you have been using for quite a while now it clearly means that you have over exfoliated your skin.
• The best way to deal with this is to avoid using any product even if it’s 100% natural. Give your skin a break and rub an ice cube all over the face.

Skin Produces More Oil

If your skin is secreting more oil than before chances are that you have over-exfoliated your skin. Over-exfoliation dries out your skin and when the skin is dried it produces more oil to meet the natural moisture content. Hence, you feel your skin becoming oilier.
• If your skin is producing more oil the best way is to use a good moisturizer on your skin and nothing else. Avoid using anything else. For a few days just do these things in your skincare regime and nothing else.
• Wash your face
• Use A Moisturizer


If your skin feels red as if you’ve been sunburned, or puffy, and inflamed that clearly implies your skin is not happy and is in distress with the over-doing of exfoliation. When you strip off the topmost layer of the skin it tends to show inflammatory responses. There is an increase in the blood flow and the result is blotted, swollen, and red face.
If you feel your skin red and inflamed make sure you ditch all the go-to products and just apply aloe vera gel over the affected area for a week.


If you have over exfoliated your skin you have broken the skin’s protective barrier. And, once the protective barrier of the skin is broken your skin can attract fair skin issues and constant breakouts the biggest one. You might see your skin breaking out very badly or very bad acne popping on the face. Once you break the defensive barrier of the skin the acne-causing bacteria enter the skin and you see breakouts all the time. So, what do in such a situation?
Experts guide you that if you are suffering from breakouts due to over-exfoliation give the exfoliation process a break and stick to basics.

Face Appears Shiny


Over-exfoliation can make your skin super smooth and the extensive smoothness can lead to your skin becoming ultra-reflective. And, thus you’ll notice your skin becoming greasy and shiny.
We all love the glow and shine on our skin but that’s not the shine we want and it’s actually making your skin prone to sun damage. As the ultra-reflective side of your skin will also reflect the harmful UV rays increasing the sun damage. The best way is to cover your skin whenever you step out in the sun and use mattifying products for a week.

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