Key Tips On How To Style Bold Hues

Colorful and bright dressing is what we all love but surely don’t know how to style them appropriately so that we don’t end up looking like candy, right? Well, then you’ve clicked on the right feed. Style is something very personal and fashion is not restricted to any specific rule and you are liberated to try and experiment and see what works best for you. And surely we are not here to guide you on how to actually style and but the essential key points that you should keep in mind before playing with bold colors. So, let’s just begin.
When you opt for bright and bold colors you are immediately throwing all the spotlights on you and giving a glimpse of your bold and daring personality. Bright colors are surely very pleasing but it can be quite tricky to actually pair them and accessorize them. Certainly, you can’t pair bold colors every day as it depends on your mood and when you’re willing to actually show the bolder side of you. But, whenever you wear we want you to pull off the look very dapper.
So, here are a few simple and key tips you need to know.

Go All The Way

If you’re choosing to play with bright and bold colors, do it all the way. That means dressing in bold colors from top to bottom. Nothing can be worse than pairing faded nude colors with bold and bright hues. The combination of bright and bold shades with nude colors can make your outfit unbalanced and can even break your bold color pieces from stealing the attention. Bright pair of shoes matched with your bright colored top will just give the whole look great coordination and you would love wearing bold and bright pieces.

Follow the Color Wheel

When daring to style bright and bold pieces following or checking the color wheel can be a great help. It can guide you whether the hues you’re choosing will go together or not. It’s better to check then to look like a slob later. Pair the hues that sit opposite to each other on the color wheel. For instance, if you go for any piece in orange matching it with blue or purple shade would be really great coordination and play with bright colors. You can refer to the color wheel to know about other color combinations.

Opt For Color Blocking

Another great way to style bold colors is to opt for color blocking. Instead of playing with different colors and to engage with brighter hues like a novice- color blocking is great. For many of you who are wondering what color blocking is? Color blocking means pairing the colors from the color wheel that sit next to each other. For instance, if your dress is green, you can match that with yellow-green pair of shoes. Pairing exactly the opposite colors can be quite tricky especially if you’re just a beginner. So, you should play safe and opt for color blocking.

Focus on Details

If you’re confused about how to actually implement the color wheel, you can match your shoes with the color that is least on your dress. For instance, if you’re wearing a multi-colored top with all the bold colors in it and are confused about what footwear to actually match with it. Pick the bold color that is least among all the colors and keeping that in mind choose footwear you’ll match with your dress or top.

So, these were a few tips on how to style bold colors. We hope our tips would prove to be a great help.

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