Street style trends you can expect to see in 2020

With just a few days left for the arrival of the year 2020, there must be a lot of anticipation going on amongst the girls regarding things concerning fashion. Every year comes with new trends and styles, and it’s the best way of getting introduced to yet another year of your life in the most fashionable way. While there are so many styles of clothing that will dominate the year 2020, but today we will be talking about the extremely stylish and super easy to create street style look that never fails to set a mark with its effortlessly chic and trendy appearance. These street style looks are enough on their own to set the trend for themselves. However, with ever-changing fashion trends, it’s quite obvious that your favorite street style trends may also have gone under some makeover and is upgraded with some super trendy and stylish pieces to help you make a statement this year. Make a stylish entry to the year 2020 by rocking this street style worthy trends. We have highlighted some of the street style trends that you can expect to see in 2020, keep on reading to know about them.

Never underestimate the power of fashion suits.

While wearing a suit is not something that has not been in fashion, it always has and always will be, but this year it can easily be the most anticipated trend of the season and most probably the year as well. From all the trends we will be listing here, you can safely rely on this one trend to get you through this year as it will not only make you feel empowered and confident but will also look highly fashionable and statement worthy piece of clothing. You can see them in many different styles, cuts, and designs with an updated touch of colors and prints, giving you an array of options to choose from. Pants or trousers are not the only things that you will be seeing, but skirts and shorts will also be making their way to this power suit trend.

A colorful take on leather

There’s no denying the fact that leather was one of the hottest trends in the most recent season, and it doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon as you will be seeing more of leather outfits this upcoming year but with a new and fresh take. Gone are the days when black was dominating the majority of leather pieces, it’s time for a change, and that change is by bringing some colors to such leather outfits. It is very refreshing as well as exciting, take on leather to give your wardrobe a dramatic update. From vibrant colors like yellow to some muted colors like brown, all these colors will make sure you look high on-trend and fashion.

Platform heels are back.

There was a time when platform heels were reigning the shoe world, but quickly the trend slowed down and made its way out of the trending shoes. But this year, it is back yet again, and quite honestly, we weren’t expecting to see them back in the game this soon. Now that they are here, not that we are complaining, let’s welcome them with open arms and flaunt them like a pro this season. You can spot them coming in many different variations, from platform boots to platform ankle strap heels, pick a style that suits your taste.

Make way for a checkerboard print.

We have had enough of animal print trends, not that we are tired of wearing them, but it’s time to give the wardrobe a fresh update by introducing some new print styles to it. Amongst a sea of snake, leopard, and zebra print, there’s this one print making its way to the league and that print is none other than checkerboard print. Taking inspiration from ’60s fashion, many designers have introduced them in a twisted and fashionable way. From clothes to accessories, you can spot this trend everywhere.

Fluffy dress for an easy-breezy look

Ditching those body-hugging dresses, many brands and designers are busy introducing frock style dresses that can be a perfect pick for the sunny season. Oversized frock style dresses have already become a major hit in the fashion world, and many girls can easily be seen sporting this street style look that feels every bit of femme and sophisticated. These floaty and voluminous numbers are easily one of the easiest trends for any girl to follow.

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