Styling Hacks That Can Make You Look Expensive

We all are not actually showering in money. However, these days we have got various ranges of options out there that are quite pocket friendly and happen to help us get the expensive look in not 5000 dollars but approximately 500 dollars. Well, this one zero definitely counts and makes a heck of a difference. Excuse my language here, but fortunately, it does. So what you need to get these looks in your everyday wardrobe is looking for the piece we are going to specific below in order to have the expensive most interesting look. So let’s begin penning down the shopping list.

Tweed Coat

A woolen stiff fabric used in the fabrication of winter clothes, like dresses, coats, skirts, etc. It is a fabric which has originated from the Scottish culture. This pattern of the fabric is worn by both women and men. It is a rich fabric and has about four to five patterns in it. You can find a variety of colors in tweed such as yellow, blue, black, grey, etc. It looks chic and modern in every color possible but usually, people settle in black and grey. Well, these are forever colors but you can have a pale yellow coat of dress in this pattern. This color is more feminine; not that black and grey aren’t feminine colors but colored are more appreciated on a woman than a man. So, when you have the options why not go for it? You can go for yellow or orange color in this pattern, either check or criss-cross pattern choose the one you like.

One Color Different Shade


You can wear one color different shade to dress up expensively. Choose any of your favorite colors and then wear the shades of it. In order to look expensive, you need to wear the neutral shade combo and not any other such as, wearing red shades will not give you an expensive look. You need to go for the look such as shades of black, grey, brown, etc. The neutral tones basically will give you the expensive look. Let’s take an example with a yellow color, wearing a pale yellow button shirt with a lemon yellow blazer and skirt. Wearing a white purse along and having your nude pumps with skin color pantyhose can make you look expensive and extraordinary. You can wear any colors you like make sure you visualize the look before.

Matching Accessories

To have the matching accessories you need to first pen down which accessories do we need. Whenever you dress you always carry some accessories along with you like a purse, belt, boots, hair clips, necklace, bracelets, etc. These are a few of the items that you tend to carry along. To clear out, I am not suggesting overloading yourself with the accessories here. You can wear only two of them if you like just your purse and your shoes or you have style three of them together. Wearing any more than that can be excessive but again if you like it then go ahead. So what you need in here is to match the color of your jewelry and your belt buckle. If you are styling a gold necklace then your belt must have the gold buckle in it. The similarity between the two creates an expensive impression.

Timeless Piece

There are a few fashion statements that don’t change with no matter how much time has gone by. Such as the animal print these are the statement piece that every woman has in her closet. You can have leopard print, zebra print, or the classic snakeskin print. These are not going anywhere no matter how much time goes by. You will always appreciate these coats, shoes, jeans, or a skirt. Buy yourself a dress in these and style these dresses every year.

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