So, the winter is here and this is the time to wear different- different scarves. Well, isn’t it amazing that how only a piece of cloth has so many different varieties? Although scarf can be made of any fabric but, you should keep in mind that you are going to wear it around your neck, so it shouldn’t be a piece of cloth which will irritate your skin. I know right choosing a scarf is also not an easy task. Designs of scarves are also now getting omnigender because of their use between the sexes. So, that everyone can wear those scarves. Here comes the different types of scarves we should prefer wearing in winter.



So, here comes our first and the foremost scarf which is often confused with hood, but both the terms are different. It is made of sewn fabric which is suitable in winters to wear around your neck. Cowls usually have deeper cloak and they are made for winter because of which they are often knitted with wool, jersey, or pashmina material but in a smarter way.

Infinity scarves

Well, hearing its name infinity, for the first time confuses many people. Some thinks there might layers of unlimited piece of cloth, which is definitely not the truth. An infinity scarf is also like a cowl neck scarf but the only difference is that, it has a bigger hole because of which you wear it twice around your neck instead of only once like cowl. Infinity scarf is a sewn piece of cloth.

Triangle scarves

So, this scarf gives you the fashionable look of all time. As the name tells us, triangle scarf comes in a triangle shape. This scarf looks more like an accessory and we can understand that too, because of its look. And because of its look as a fashion accessory, you can do so many experiments with this scarf. These triangle scarfs are made of many different kinds of fabric like net fabric to cotton and knitted wool.


Boa scarf is a long soft scarf which is made of feathers or of short pieces of a light fabric because of they are very soft and plush in fabric. But for winters they can be made of silk.

Velvet scarves

Velvet is also called as chenille, the plushest fabric on earth. Velvet is surely a very soft fabric and also very shiny. Velvet scarves are produced in massive variety of colors, so there will be no problem to get your favorite color in velvet scarves. Velvet scarves without a doubt are the beautiful and fashionable scarves which gives you an elegant look.


Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere scarves are the most sought-after fabric in the fashion industry. This scarf not only helps you in keeping yourself warm but it looks great too. To be honest these scarves keep you warm in winter but in summer too it doesn’t make you sticky. So, you can say that these cashmere scarves are best for any fall. Cashmere scarves are the lightweight fabric, which makes them easy to carry or handle. These scarves are extremely soft.

Pashmina scarves

Pashmina scarves are super soft, comfortable and lightweight which them easy to carry around. Not only that these are scarves are really elegant and beautiful. Many people like pashmina scarves because of its elegancy and getting along with fabric. Pashmina is prominent because of its insulating attribute and also for its wonderful texture.


Wool scarves

Wool scarves are the best choice when it comes to knit a scarf. We all know that these are the best scarves to wear in winter to keep ourselves warm. Wool scarves do not only keep you warm but it looks beautiful too, when you carry it around. High-quality wool scarves are extremely comfortable, soft and beautiful which makes them breathable and comfortable to wear around.

Viscose Scarves

These scarves are really popular among the ladies. Viscose scarves are really soft which gives a silk-like feel. These scarves are draped beautifully, which give you a flawless look and an elegant and beautiful touch to your outfit. The best thing about these scarves is that they have the soft feel of silk and cotton. And also, at an affordable price. Viscose scarves are present in many vivid colors as it really easy to dye this material.

So yeah, this winter choose beautiful and elegant scarves to wear according to your outfit and stand out the crowd.

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