Elevated basics you can wear with your jeans this fall

Sweatpants are every girl’s favorite and nothing can change that, but after living in them for like months, thanks to the lockdown, we are up for a change in order to make this fall a tad bit stylish with a hint of comfort. If you haven’t already taken out your jeans from the back of your closet, it’s time you do that because your jeans are playing the main role here, and the rest of the clothing pieces are in the supporting roles. Jeans are incredibly versatile; they can be styled in a multitude of ways, no matter if you are dressing them up or down. However, today we will be focusing on basics that also have the ability to make your denim outfit look more put-together and forward. While it feels great to be pulling off show-stopping looks every day, nothing can beat the classic and incredible combo of a good top and jeans, especially when it comes to fall. We have put together a list of some elevated basics that will team up well with all your jeans and might even convince you to slip into your favorite pair of jeans right away.

Plaid blazer

You can never go wrong with blazers, especially when they are so non-boring and chic. They have this amazing ability to add a sense of style and an element of put-together style to even the simplest denim. Instead of reaching for any kind of blazer, opt for a plaid blazer to add an interesting element to the look. You can style the blazer any way you like, you can either wear it over your crop tops and bralettes, or you can layer it with a long-sleeved turtleneck to create a layered fall ensemble.

Printed sweater

Instead of keeping your outfit all plain, add some visual interest to your look by opting for a printed sweater. While a tonal sweater does look cute when paired with jeans, it looks too basic; therefore, it’s best if you stick to a printed sweater instead. Printed sweaters won’t only add an interesting and forward feel to your outfit but will also make you look chic and stylish.


Shackets are having a major moment right now, and if you haven’t tried them before, this is the time and opportunity for you to give this trend a try. Shackets are a blend of shirt and jackets, and when you pair them with your denim, they not only helps to keep you all comfy and cozy, but they will also make your outfit all the more interesting. You can also take things up a notch by opting for a printed or bold-colored shacket.

Puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are one of the winter wardrobe essentials. They especially come in super handy when the temperature begins to drop as they provide the right amount of warmth to the body in frigid weather. Puffer jackets don’t have to be entirely functional; they can be cute and chic as well. You can consider investing in a puffer jacket that is equal parts warm and chic so that you can easily wear it with your denim throughout the winter.

Leather top

Leather is one of the coolest and classic fabrics you can have in your wardrobe. It has got that edgy feel, which makes the whole outfit look all the more stylish and fashion-forward. While a leather jacket is definitely one of the most amazing ways to add the it factor to any outfit, when it comes to your jeans, leather tops can work like an absolute charm as they instantly make the whole outfit look dressier and incredibly chic.

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