How To Avoid Ingrown Hairs When Shaving At Home

If you shave your body hair, you are aware of the ingrown hairs too. Ingrown hairs are the inevitable part of shaving and before knowing to treat them you should how to prevent them.
If you shave any body part within a few days ingrown hair pops up and that is what irritates us especially the ingrown hairs popping in public areas or the sensitive parts.
In the feed, we have gathered a few ways in which you can avoid the ingrown hairs and make your shaving last for a long time.

Always Use A Shaving Cream Before

Never shave on a dry skin as it will lead to ingrown hairs and even skin rashes. Apply a shaving cream before shaving your hair. Shaving cream will soften the area and help you get rid of your hair from the roots thus preventing ingrown hairs from coming. When the hair is not trimmed from the roots it grows really quick and hence, shaving cream before shaving is a must.
Even if you’re a female opting for shaving your legs or any sensitive area you should use a shaving cream. As it’s the best way to avoid ingrown hairs.

Use Sharp Razors

The razor you opt for shaving should have sharp blades. When you use dull razor blades you have to apply the razor multiple times to get rid of the hair completely. And that multiple usage could lead to cutting of the skin, irritation, redness, and even ingrown hairs. Thus, use a sharp razor only to shave your body parts.
Another thing to keep in mind is to not use a razor more than three times. Your razor tends to drop its effectiveness with every use and is also not good from the hygiene point of view.

Wash Your Razor

Once, you’re done with shaving make sure you clean your razor, doing this will increase the efficiency of the razor as there will be no residue left of the previous shaving session. When you’re hair is not nicely trimmed chances are it will grow fast and thus leading to ingrown hairs plus it could also lead to infection, using unclean razors.
To clean your razors, you have to do-
• Take makeup remover and gently with the help of a cotton pad wipe your razor.
• Then take warm water and add a few drops of dettol to it and dip the razor for about 5 minutes and you’re ready to use it for the next time.
Cover your razors with a lid.

Focus On The Shaving Direction

If you shave in the right direction you can avoid ingrown hairs from popping. The direction in which you shave should be same to the direction in which your hair is growing. Shaving in the same direction of your hair growth will ensure you trim the hair from the roots.
So, next time you shave first learn the direction of your hair growing and then shave the hair.

Moisturize Post Shaving

Once, you’re done with shaving make sure you moisturize the area you shaved. This will ensure you have smooth and soft skin post shaving and no skin irritation or rashes. If your skin is nicely moisturized, chances are that the hair will not grow back quickly.
Use a mild moisturizer after you shave. If you suffer with red or irritated skin after shaving you can use ice before applying a moisturizer that will help in getting rid of any irritation or redness.

So, these were some tips. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help for you.

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