Natural Remedies You Can Do Using Toothpaste

One of the ingredients that are available to us all year long is toothpaste. You can use toothpaste to do so much more than just brushing your teeth. So, what exactly could you be doing using toothpaste for your skin? Today we will share with you a few of the hacks that you can perform using toothpaste and make your skin look better and glorious. Besides, it is something which you would be easily having in our home especially, during this drastic period. Although one thing you would have to take is a basic version of toothpaste, the one which doesn’t have any fancy ingredients like salt, carbon, etc in it. After that, you will need to do a patch test because we don’t want any allergies to take place.

Tomato Pulp

Take a bowl and add some toothpaste in it. You can add like two to three teaspoons toothpaste to it. Now, add a quarter of the tomato pulp to it and mix the two ingredients well. You must take natural pulp. Once you have got a paste you can apply it over your face far from the eyes like a mask. This will help you get even tone. Dry down the acnes if you have and make the previous acne spots lighter. Make sure you do a patch test on your palm or neck before you apply it to the face.


Take a bowl and add two tablespoons salt to the toothpaste. Now, if you have dry skin around your nose and over the chin. Usually, we do get dry skin in these particular areas during the winters. So, if you happen to have such issues during winter then create this mixture to elevate the dead skin from these areas. It can be a mild exfoliate and nothing too harsh on the skin. You can use it with your hands or put it over a wet towel and rub it over the area. This will not only make you get rid of the dry skin but also clear up the pores.


To remove the black head or even the skin tone you can use honey and toothpaste together. You cannot use this paste around the eye or over the eye, because it will irritate them. And it is not healthy to be using toothpaste anywhere near the eyes. So once, the paste is made use it over the infected area but nowhere under the eyes. Besides, if you have blackhead which isn’t loosening up then you can get rid of them using these two together. Firstly, you will need to open the pores so take a wide mouth mug and add hot streaming water to it. Now, use the hot water to stream your nose, which will help in the pore opening. After that use this mixture to clean the pores, once you have got the black and whiteheads out. You will have a clear nose. Lastly, close the pores using an ice cube. You need to slowly rub the ice cube over the nose and the cool breeze of the ice will close the opened pores. It is important that you take care while applying the mixture to your nose, as you don’t want the product to go anywhere near the eyes.


You will need some toothpaste and an unused toothbrush to make this work on your lips. Firstly, apply a tiny bit amount of toothpaste to the brush, and instead of going over your teeth go over your lips. You need to go over in circular motion for two to three minutes, and then clean up your lips using warm water. Doing so you will not only get rid of the chapped lips if you have got any, but it will nourish your lips deeply and remove all the dead skin. After doing this method you will feel that your lips have regained their natural color.

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