Quick-fix beauty hacks every bride-to-be must know

We are all about planning and prepping things perfectly especially when it’s your own wedding. But it’s not always that things go according to you or the plan. Sometimes we have to deal with some beauty emergency that can work against your looks. And for all these situations, every bride should remain all prepared so that they could be fixed in a minute. Whether it’s a nasty zit or those annoying flyaway, anything that works against your looks can be pretty annoying. Before you start to freak over these things, you should know that there is always one way or another to deal with these situations. And to help you with that only, we have listed some quick fix beauty hacks that will help you in any kind of beauty emergency and will make you look your perfect best on your wedding day.

Treat your zit with aspirin

With all the preparation and planning for the wedding, it’s quite obvious and natural for any person to feel stressed. And you can either blame it on stress or your skincare routine, spotting a zit on the day of your wedding can be the biggest nightmare for any bride. And it’s not the time to panic as by feeling more stressed you are only going to make things worse for your skin. Instead, what you should look for is a quick fix that can help you to get rid of this annoying thing. Take a tablet of aspirin, crush it and mix it with a few drops of water to make a paste. You can apply the paste on the zit and leave it on overnight. The salicylic acid present in aspirin helps in drying out the pimple and reduces the redness and swelling. It may leave a mark behind but that can be covered with a concealer and foundation.

Tame flyaways with lip balm or petroleum jelly

Those flyaways can be pretty annoying when you are trying to make your hairstyle look perfect. And for all these tricky situations, you need to have some arsenals in your bridal kit that can help you combat these annoying problems. A lip balm or petroleum jelly can turn out to be your ultimate savior as they can help you tame those flyaways that can ruin the pictures. Take a mascara wand or toothbrush coated with either of the two and run it through your hair to get rid of flyaways.

Use a makeup sponge to get rid of extra bronzer or blush

Bridal makeup tends to be a little heavy than you might are actually used to. You might or might haven’t worn this amount of makeup ever before. However, there’s is a very thin line between a full face makeup and going overboard and you should at least know when your makeup is looking extra heavy. If you think that your makeup artist went a little overboard with bronzer or blush then there’s a quick fix to it. Lightly pat the areas with a wet makeup sponge to get rid of the excess product without ruining your makeup.

Apply cold cream on flaky lips

Dry, flaky lips are probably the last thing you would want to have on your wedding day. But you can easily treat them by giving your lips some extra care and attention before you put any lipstick on your pout perfect lips. Apply a layer of cold cream on your lips and gently rub a toothbrush to scrub away the dryness and flakiness. After your lip care session, the lipstick will glide will smoothly on your lips.

Fix your messy hair with a texturizing spray

Messy hair can be hard to deal with. But it’s your wedding day we are talking about, therefore, it needs to look perfect. If your hair is appearing a little greasy or messy, then you can fix it up with the use of a texturizing spray. Before you style your hair, apply a few spritzes of the spray on your hair at the roots, it will soak up excessive greasiness and oil, making it look fresh and bouncy again.

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