Curate these sexy looks with a long coat

Every woman loves long coats because they are super stylish and sophisticated. They add dimension to your look and make the outfit look even more gorgeous. These long coats come in different styles like trench coats and double breast coats. No matter what is the design, they make your attire stand out always. If you love the winter season, you should know that this overlayer will make you look sexy and will always grab attention from the crowd. You can use a scarf at your rescue and curate a lot of outfits with a long coat. Take a hint from the following and step out in style-

With crop tops

Who said that long coats can only be clubbed with pullovers and cardigans? You don’t have to shun your summer clothes every time winter season onsets. All you need to do is pay a little attention every time you are styling an outfit. Pick your favorite summer clothes and pair them up with your brand new long coat. That chic crop top of yours doesn’t have to breathe the dust now and you can pair it up with your long coat without much thinking. Use that fancy crop top and curate this bomb combination for yourself every time you step out for a casual brunch scene. Team a bright crop top in stripes or patterns with a subtle colored long coat. Wear your skinny jeans and boots along. This will come out as the sexiest outfit ever.

With shorts

Coats and shorts together are actually a thing, if you know? This involves a great sense of personal style and choice. If you want to come out as a sexy chic, then this combination will be your perfect pick. No matter what anyone says, this is a bomb outfit. You can pick your favorite rugged shorts and wear a casual top or a fitted pullover underneath. With this attire, just layer a long overcoat and there is your outfit- sexy and stylish! You don’t have to put in many thoughts for this look because it is effortlessly sexy and stylish. Pair this combination with your favorite knee-high boots, add some accessories or a scarf around the neck and you are good to go. You can also use our transparent leggings beneath shorts to create a bold look.

With a dress

Anything and everything you wear with a coat can look good as long as it has been accessorized well. With so many divisions in the fashion line, there is nothing you can’t do with your favorite outfits. Pick the sexiest dress you have, preferably bodycon. This is because when you layer a coat with a bodycon dress, it adds precision to the outfit. The coat is already loose so you don’t want to make the look baggy. Instead, you want to create a sexy look so have that balance in mind. Use this dress at your rescue for curating the perfect winter outfit for cocktail evenings as well as dinner scenes. This combination looks simple but it is extremely sexy. You can wear your pumps or boots along and flaunt in style.

With baggy trousers

This one will become your staple wardrobe outfit. Trousers are the most used apparel from our wardrobes and you can never skip them. There is so much you can do with trousers because they are both casual and formal wear. If you have a good pair of pants, there is not much you have to think before styling them. Styling trousers with a tee or a cardigan looks really amazing if you use a coat as an overlayer. This is the perfect winter outfit as it acts as a shield during biting cold season and also makes you look stylish. If you are someone who loves formal clothing, then this will also become your everyday outfit for your workplace also. Use your sneakers and make this outfit stand out from the rest.

With a formal shirt

This should have been one of the most used outfits in the winter season. Defined as the perfect workplace outfit, this one looks so classy that you will love to wear it every day to work. A formal shirt looks stylish and with an overcoat, it looks even more sophisticated. Pick your trousers, wear a formal shirt in stripes maybe and use this overcoat to curate a sexy look for your office wear. This one will make you look like a boss lady and you will come out as a bold and fierce woman. Tie your hair in a bun and make your way through the crowd!

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