Must-have athleisure pieces for every woman’s closet

Much like your work wear and casual outfits, athleisure wear isn’t only limited to 2 or 3 pieces; it certainly involves much more than that. Now that, the fashion world has introduced us to so many staples, you no longer will have to work with the typical active wear pieces that look nothing but boring and basic. With a little mix and match, you can work athleisure pieces anywhere you like right from your gym to running some errands. However, for you to ace those athleisure outfits like a boss, firstly you need to ensure that you have all the pieces in your wardrobe that can make wearing your active wear pieces a whole lot easier and stylish. You might find all the pieces to be in your wardrobe only.

Now without any further delay, let’s go through the article and find out what all pieces you need to ace your athleisure looks.

Casual sneakers

Of course, no athleisure outfit can work without the right pair of shoes and there can be no better pair than casual sneakers to complete the look. But they certainly cannot be just any kind of sneakers; for your outfit to work stylishly for you, the choice of shoes will greatly vary here. While you still can work with running sneakers but retro or leisure sneakers now have become the go-to shoes for every fashion girl especially when it comes to athleisure wear. You can pick the best pair for yourself depending on how you want them to look. Also, these shoes can easily be paired with many other outfits as well.

Black leggings

When it comes to active wear, leggings have always remained constant. They are super comfy and make body movements so easy and also go amazingly well with everything. Leggings, tights or whatever you want to call them, they can work beyond your workouts or exercising. You can easily pair them up with your t-shirts, sweatshirts while going out to run some errands. While purchasing leggings, make sure to pick the one that fits you perfectly around your waist as well as feel comfortable while walking. If you want to experiment with different styles, you can find black leggings in many different options with different detailings and cut-outs.


Joggers are a more comfortable choice of active wear when it comes to bottoms. Moreover, they are quite in trend at the moment which can be worked up any way you like. Much like your leggings, you can also dress up your joggers in a variety of ways. However, while picking the best joggers for yourself, make sure to buy them in the thinnest material for your athleisure wear. You can find them in so many different designs ranging from side stripes to camo print.

Long length shirts

Long length shirts are an important part of the athleisure wardrobe. No matter if it’s a tank top, short sleeve or long sleeve, the main purpose of the long length shirt is to conceal your booty if you don’t feel comfortable having them on display. Also, they make for a great workout wear due to their loose and comfortable fit. You can further layer the look by wearing hoodie, jacket or cardigans over the long length shirts to create a more sporty look.



Whether oversized or cropped, a hoodie is something that you definitely need to have in your wardrobe not only as an athleisure wear but for all the casual outings you need to make during winters. This is one of the comfiest ways to dress yourself on the top and make your athleisure attire look more casual as well as stylish. Pair the hoodie with your favorite legging and you will be good to go.

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