How to achieve longer eyelashes using natural remedies

Longer and fuller eyelashes is what every girl dreams of having but unfortunately not everybody is blessed with one. And what the saddest part is, we can’t really think of doing anything about them except for going the artificial way and that is either to stay dependent on fake lashes or getting eyelash extension done and the other way is applying mascara, which we may tell you isn’t very easy for your pocket as well as is a temporary solution.

Eyelashes can easily turn out to be the most striking feature in your face as long as you have them in fuller and luscious form. And if you thought, there’s no other way than going opting for fake lashes or mascara then we may happily tell you, there are some natural remedies that may work for you. Quite shocking right? Well, that’s absolutely true. Depending on how religiously you follow these remedies, you yourself will start to see a considerable amount of change in the way your eyelashes appear. Still don’t believe it? No worries, try these remedies we have listed below and then decide it for yourself.

Castor oil

Castor oil is known to be packed with so many great properties. Be it in case of hair care or skincare, it is believed to work well in both cases. And one of the many benefits castor oil comes with is its ability to promote hair growth. Applying castor oil to your lashes may also prove to be the quickest and most effective ingredient to rely upon. It can start to give you results in just a few days. This is because of the presence of ricinoleic acid which is found to be the major component in the oil. Besides being eyelash growth promoter it is also known to moisturize them which further gives the lashes a very fuller and luscious appearance.

Using a cotton swab, apply this oil to your lashes very evenly and let it sit on them overnight. Rinse your face the next morning. Apply it on a regular basis and you will start to see a change in just a few days.

Olive oil

There’s this another oil that is no stranger to the world. Apart from being beneficial for skin and health, it is also believed to work well when it comes to promoting eyelash growth. It provides moisture to the lashes, making them appear very soft and healthy. It also makes up for the lashes you have lost. This is because of the fatty acids that are present in the oil, it acts as emollient and does the needed job. Taking the tip of the cotton swab, coat it with the oil and apply the same to your eyelashes very nicely and evenly. Having this ritual done on a daily basis will make sure your eyelashes appear thicker and longer.

Petroleum jelly (vaseline)

Vaseline is another great ingredient to rely on when it comes to promoting eyelash growth. It basically moisturizes them and keeps them all hydrated and soft. You can also choose to apply the vaseline on your eyelids, this way you will be able to maintain the overall health of your eyelashes. Take a mascara wand that you don’t use anymore and is free of product. Dip it into the vaseline container and apply a nice coat of vaseline to both your upper and lower lashes. You will start to see the result in no time.

Vitamin e oil

Vitamin e oil is no secret when it comes to boosting the growth of your eyelashes. It is one of the ingredients many celebrities rely on and can easily be found in many eyelash growth serums. It not only promotes the length of the eyelashes but also strengthens them and prevents them from shedding unnecessarily. Massage the oil gently on your lashes and let it sit for a good time. You can practice this ritual on a daily basis. All you will require is a vitamin e capsule, break it into half and extract the oil.

Green tea

Green tea is widely famous for its beauty and health benefits. And when it comes to your eyelashes, it is also known to work well for them. Drinking green tea twice a day on a daily basis and applying it topically on your lashes will add more volume and make them appear very thick and long.

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