Dress trends that will be huge this spring

The fashion scene the previous year was not what we all expected it to be; in fact, it was the exact opposite of it, thanks to the pandemic. Since we all were stuck inside our homes due to the restrictions imposed nationwide, we barely got a chance to step out of our houses, hence dressing up fancily just didn’t make any sense, and that’s one of the reasons why the fashion scene was so dull in 2020. But now that we have entered 2021 with a new ray of hope, we better make the most of this year and do what we missed out on doing the last year and i.e., trying on the new trends.

A new season means new trends, and since spring is just around the corner, it only seems fitting to invest in pieces that will be trending this season. Dresses are a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe, so why not start with them only? Of all the dress trends that made it to the runways, we have picked a few styles that caught our attention and are believed to be everywhere this spring.

Open-back dresses

The first on the list is the open-back dresses, and this trend, in particular, is expected to be huge this spring/summer. Showing skin will be a huge part of spring fashion, and that’s the reason we are spotting a lot of pieces that feature side cut-outs, sheer fabrics, etc. Open-back dresses are also one of its fine examples; they are just perfect to be included in your spring/summer wardrobe. With these dresses in your closet, you can get through the warmer months of the year in comfort and style.


Basic maxi dresses

Basics are the foundation of any wardrobe; you can style them in a myriad of ways based on how you want your outfit to appear. When it comes to basics, tees and shirts aren’t the only pieces that are vital parts of your wardrobe, your closet could also use some basic maxi dresses. Surprisingly, basic maxi dresses are expected to be huge this spring, you can spot them in more elevated versions. Whether you choose to dress them up with stunning heels or dress them down with sneakers, these basic yet elevated maxi dresses will always look uber-chic.

Floral print dresses

Florals for spring isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but this year’s floral print is pretty exciting and interesting. Unlike the previous versions, florals this year look more fun and fresh. From bold motifs to vibrant hues, you can spot dresses in a myriad of iterations featuring tacky florals. This trend definitely isn’t for those who like to dress in a minimalist way, but if you are up to add some floral drama to your closet, then floral print dresses should definitely be on the top of your list.


Voluminous dresses

Nothing can add more drama to your look than the voluminous effect. It is probably one of the easiest ways to draw attention and make a statement with your outfit. But voluminous dresses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they can look out-there and riveting, hence one needs to have ample confidence to carry such outfits gracefully and effortlessly. From dramatic puff sleeves to striking balloon skirts, the voluminous silhouette is a sure shot way to add some playful drama to your look.


Sheer dresses

As we mentioned earlier, skin is this spring, and backless dresses aren’t the only way to hop on the trend, sheer dresses are also an exemplary way to jump on the bandwagon. Sheer dresses are arguably one of the refreshing and exciting ways to play dress up this spring. They look equal parts fun and sultry, you will certainly have a great time styling these dresses with different accessories.

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