Makeup Tips to Minimize Pores

Makeup Tips to Minimize Pores

The very purpose of putting on cosmetic products is to specifically ‘make up’ the things that you think need some touch-ups. Overdoing only results in flaws becoming maximized. So what should we do to get away with those lines and wrinkles, especially, the pores that haunt our memories?

With a few techniques, it is possible to cover the pores up to a lot extent, if not completely, through your very own makeup products. These techniques might be time-consuming and need some extra effort, but they will deliver what you are looking for so keep reading the following points to get a better idea of how to go about it.


  1. Using a Sponge

Brushes always help you get a smooth makeup look but it is the sponge that makes the product stay in longer. The problem with T-zone is that it gets oily frequently and pores show up in no time. For this, you will need your base work to be done majorly by a thoroughly wet sponge so that the pores are patted in. A brush, on the other side, will help smoothen out the excess in later steps.

Using a Sponge

  1. Priming Nicely

Yes, priming your face is important, not like makeup can’t happen without it, but the purpose it serves can not be ignored. There are special primers that blur out your face, getting the pores smaller and less significant. Who wouldn’t want that?

Apply ice on a clean face and then let your pores blur out a bit with primer. Then start with your fundamental makeup steps. This way you will have a clear palette to work with.

Priming Nicely

  1. Full-Coverage Foundation

A good foundation in your makeup routine is half work done. But if you choose a full-coverage makeup that hides practically every blemish and line on your face, only a full-coverage foundation will get you through that. Buy a shade closest to your skin color and bite off an adequate portion. Spread all over your face in patting motion using a wet sponge or a flat foundation brush is great too but to smudge it, a sponge shall be used.

Full-Coverage Foundation

  1. Powdering Aptly

Powdering could be done for two major purposes. One, to smoothen the makeup overall, and two, to contour the face. The thing is to pat in the powder slowly and exactly where you want. But you must wonder how this will minimize the pores even? Let us see.

You packed in a good amount of foundation and concealer to act on the pores. They have reduced significantly and almost disappeared. You are practically done. But when you put some powder to finish off everything, you will see that the lines have been blurred. This is why.

Powdering Aptly

  1. Going Matte

When your skin looks dripping wet, it is exactly when the pores would come out looking shinier than ever. So for these reasons, we avoid, mostly, getting a wet makeup look to minimize the look of the pores. The matte look, on the other hand, helps to make very smaller pores almost disappear as it has a blurring effect.

Avoid putting highlighter there too.

Going Matte


These were some of the techniques that have helped makeup lovers from around the globe to hide their pores around the T-point of their faces. With consistent practice, you will be able to hone the various techniques without being clumsy unnecessarily. The technique is to pat in instead of brushing off. The products sit in the pores to cover them and then a second layer goes over to appropriate the pigment all over.

Hence, you will most probably have flawless-looking skin with these tips. It is just that the right products have to sit in the right order.

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