Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth are integral to the overall beauty of the face. But you shouldn’t just be whitening your teeth for beauty’s sake. Healthy gums and teeth are vital for leading a quality life. You will only be able to enjoy food till you have teeth.

Aesthetically, too, teeth can’t be ignored. They are that organ of the body that can’t help themselves, unlike the other organs that keep repairing themselves. So regular brushing is unavoidable. Here are some ways to improve the color of your teeth and make them clean and healthy.


  1. Brushing Twice Daily

We don’t know who needs to hear this but brushing your teeth daily is non-negotiable. And if you have yellowed teeth, it is a must that you refresh your mouth thoroughly to inhibit the growth of bacteria. After you had your dinner, many food particles still sit on your teeth and gums that affect oral hygiene adversely. Because you have to spend the next 7 hours so, in bed, these unwanted particles will erode your teeth, making your mouth smelly.

Brushing Twice Daily

  1. Consider Plaque Removal

Getting plaque removed from your teeth by your dentist is the first thing you should do when you are aiming to get your teeth whitened, either through the selected home remedies or medical procedures. The distinct dull yellow of the plaque makes your teeth look bad and it also deteriorates the quality of your teeth, eroding them and weakening them. Once you get past plaque, your teeth will begin to look better as the extra yellow tint would have been gone.

Consider Plaque Removal

  1. Lemon Peel Paste

This hack is a great move to whiten your teeth. Take lemon peels and grind them until you have a smooth paste. Now brush your teeth slowly with a paste you made, gently scrubbing all of your teeth in a circular motion alternating with swift up-down motion. It would be great if you tried this hack twice a week for 3-4 months. You will be surprised to notice that discoloration has fallen back to some extent and that your mouth feels fresher with the bad smell gone for good.


  1. Indian Neem Paste

The neem leaves have several antibacterial properties. This is the reason why it has been included in the skincare and haircare lines. It, no doubt, delivers what it says, by killing the bacteria. The yellowing of the teeth would go away with time as the bacteria buildup is severely impacted by such paste. The paste would not be as smooth, it has to be let sit on your gums for a while and then brushed off by your toothbrush.

Indian Neem Paste

  1. Salt in Toothpaste

Salt is known for pulling out sticky bacteria. With this simple addition to your toothpaste, your teeth will be effectively scrubbed with salt granules and your teeth will become squeaky clean. The salts in the toothpaste help in regular and timely abrasion which is why they have been included here. Salt’s abrasive properties and anti-bacterial properties will help you fight the growth of bacteria in your gums.

Salt in Toothpaste

You can follow these to help get rid of plaque over time and also inhibit its growth. Your teeth shine will come back and you will feel confident more. If you think that the teeth have yellowed too much, you will have to prohibit other things as well to bring more improvement. For instance, you will have to cut back your sugar intake, start washing your mouth after every meal especially after having something sweet, and not have something too hot and too cold, etc. See your dentist first so that he guides you in the right direction.

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