6 Hair Accessories you should add in your wardrobe

Adding a piece or two of hair accessory can elevate your whole look in a go. Hair accessories have been trending for a while now. It usually boasts of a girly and feminine vibes and adds an extra glam factor to the whole look. From scrunchies to decorated bobby pins, today they are available in more modernized and trendy designs. You Add some sparkle to your otherwise everyday look by investing in some chic hair accessories.

We have rounded up a list of hair accessories which can upragde without any struggle.


Ever since scrunchies have been reintroduced, they have made quite a stir in the market. And our love for scrunchies is not going to end any time soon. These are here to stay and will stay for quite a while. They have become highly popular and demanded amongst women as it looks super cute and chic when tied around the hair. From velvet scrunchie to satin scrunchie, they are available in many different fabrics. They provide for perfect amount of stretch and our personal favorite are those scarf scrunchies. These scrunchies are really versatile, tie it around a pony, bun or a braid it will look good with all.


Just like scrunchies, people are obsessing over headbands too. Even if worn with a simple dress, you can make quite a statement with it. These are the best alternative to when you want to keep your hair away from face. The best thing about headbands are that they stay at place and doesn’t feel heavy on head. These are also available in many styles and designs, you can opt for whatever looks the best on you.


You can never go wrong with embellished bobby pins. Back in the days, bobby pins were only used to hold our hair at place without being seen. But today as fashion trends have revolutionized, bobby pins have found themselves in the running too. They are available in many different designs and styles, embellished bobby pins being the most popular. They can be styled with many different hairstyles, from open hair to tied up or down you can rock them any way.


One of the best thing about headscarves is their versatility, they can be tied around the hair in many different ways and styles. You can never run out of ways to style them. Anyone can work a headscarf if carried confidently and the right way. They are available in many different fabrics. And it also serves as a nice alternative for those women who have lost their hair for some reasons. They can totally rock these headscarves like nobody else.


Dressed up in a fancy gown, while keeping those tresses plain, sounds too boring right? Well that can be rectified by adding big hair clips around your hair. Keep them loosely open, and place them on the back of your hair with forming a nice hairstyle. They look so elegant and beautiful for all those formal evening outings. And adds all the right proportion of grace to the whole look.


Having all those accessories but not pearl barrette doesn’t sound too fair. They are available in all different forms now, with different sizing from small to big. They adds a right amount of sparkle and girly vibe to the look when carried the right way. Just remember, don’t go too over board with the size as it may end up looking bigger than your face.

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