How to style different footwear with different outfits

Shoes are one of the essential fashion elements in every woman’s wardrobe. Nearly every woman has different styles of footwear stacked in their closet.

Each footwear serves different purposes and can be styled and worn with multiple outfits. There are myriad types and styles of footwear available in the market. But we have rounded up a list of a few of them which are extensively used and popular amongst women.


Stilettos are known highly for not only elongating the overall height but also upping the style quotient. They look very fancy and sexy when paired with most of the outfits. Wear it with jeans or dress, they are going to look glamorous without any doubt. Now there are numerous ways to style them as they are very versatile. Especially having them in black and nude colors as they go with every single color of outfit.

  • Even if you are dressing up casually with wearing jeans and a blouse, adding a stunning pair of stilettos is instantly going to change the whole vibe of the look.
  • They can totally be worn to the office, gone are the times when only office heels were preferred. You can rock a glossy pair of pointed pumps or stilettos which feel comfortable to feet at your workplace.
  • Pair a stunning pair of stilettos with any dress and you won’t be disappointed. Wear them with a sparkle or bright colored dress they are going to look very fancy with any kind.


It has literally become go-to footwear for every woman. Ever since they have been introduced to the market they have made quite a stir. The Reason being their smart look and all that comfort it provides. These are arguably the most versatile shoes and are a perfect buy for summers. Wear them with anything and they will look effortless and chic at the very same time.

  • Pair it with a long, mini or midi dress, they are going to look amazing with all.
  • Apart from dresses, you can also pair it with your jeans and shorts to give all that comfy vibe.


Wearing ankle boots with different outfits has become quite a trend. From sporty to trendy styles, they are available in many different forms. They provide enough comfort to be worn throughout the day.

Just like any other footwear, they are versatile enough to be paired with some outfits.

  • If you are wanting to create a sporty look, then no shoes can be better than biker boot shoes. wear them with jeans or shorts to enhance your biker look.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your look, ankle boots go really well with skirts and dresses as well. They look very sophisticated when worn with day time outfit and chic and trendy with your evening ensemble.


Thigh-high boots make for perfect footwear during the winter season. They are not only functional but also look very chic when paired with otherwise all that heavy fabric. They are mostly preferred over jeans but with the latest fashion trends coming in, it has found its use with dresses too.

  • Pair your black thigh-high boots with short skinny skirt or jeans, they are going to look absolutely chic and stylish.
  • If you are struggling with finding a suitable dress to be worn during winters, then thigh-high boots can come to your rescue. Pair them with a long sweater dress or nice body fitted dress and you are good to go. Added tip: if you are wearing a dress which is a little ill-fitted then tying a belt around your waist can make your dress look more polished and defined.

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