Polka dot must-have outfits

Polka dots remind us of the famous cartoon characters Mickey and Minnie mouse. So obviously polkas are one of the cutest outfits to have in your wardrobe. The trend of polka dots has always been a wavering one. They come and go all the time! But if you ask us, we would never let some iconic polka pieces go away from our closet. And why? Just look at those soft fabrics with bold circles or dainty dots all over! They look just so charming and effortlessly stylish in every type of apparel. Not just apparel, you can even pick accessories like stoles and scrunchies in polka patterns and break the monotony of the outfit.

Polkas are cute and classic so we have listed a few must-have outfits that you must pick and add as a staple to your wardrobe.

A timeless polka dot skirt

Why we call it timeless is because a polka skirt never fails to impress. It was a classic in the 80s and it is a stylish piece now also! It is perfect for every occasion and you can mix and match it with anything you like. In summers, grab your polka skirt and wear a tank top with it. Throw a sleek neckpiece and a sling bag on the shoulder and you’re all dressed up. In winters, you can wear a long-line front-open cardigan as a layer on top and stockings to save yourself from the cold. Wear your sneakers and boom, it is an all-season staple!

A sexy polka tube top

Polka doesn’t always have to look sophisticated and girly. It has the capacity to look sexy and chic-style if picked in the right apparel. Look for a nude or subtle-color polka tube top that can go with your flared jeans or a pencil skirt. This piece is surely going to catch all the attention at a party and instantly amp your overall look. A perfect date outfit can be styled with a mini skirt, polka tube top and knee boots! Just visualizing it has given us goosebumps. Go shopping and pick this one for sure!

A polka pantsuit

Polka dots can be worn as casual apparel as well as a formal one. If you think of it as a cute piece, pair it up with your shorts or jeans maybe. But if you think of it as an elegant piece, then you can pair it up with a monochrome pantsuit. But what if we tell you that you can wear it as a pantsuit itself? Doesn’t it sound classy? It looks even more sophisticated! Monochrome pantsuit in overall polka design like black or brown and even mued pastels can be clubbed with a contrast plain shirt. This will look really stunning for your board meetings, business dinners, and casual brunches too.

A polka ruffle dress

A polka ruffle dress will satisfy the fashionista in you in all seasons. Whether you are going for an outing in the hot summer weather or during fall, it will always work the charm! Pick yourself a colorful polka dress in any color you want and be ready to slay. If you’re planning a beach vacation, this should be one of the first pieces to add in the bag. Also, another good thing about the polka pattern is that the fabric is very soft and thin. So this playful clothing doesn’t feel uncomfortable for any outing. Try to incorporate sleek jewelry and embellished belts as a part of the dress.

A black polka jacket

Just when you thought polka was limited to summer clothing, polka jackets came in. This is another timeless piece that you must invest in for all the right reasons. Pick a monochrome outfit and layer this jacket on top for a signature look. It never looks loud or over-dressed. Black never grows old and that’s why this piece is a classic. Pair it with your jeans or even a maxi dress to break the stereotypes. Feel free to add a dash of color to the look with red or any neon color pumps.

Polka dots continue to be the front-runner amongst the prints and there is no harm in matching them with other prints for a great attire! Adding them in unique ways always looks great and creates an evergreen look. Go shopping and find your picks!

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