Statement belts to add a touch of drama to your outfit

Upholding both functionality and style, belts have been an extremely important part of our wardrobes. They have been a loved accessory ever since because not only do they hold a tight grip of the trousers but they also add a touch of drama and style to the attire. The right belt can bring a dose of personality to the simplest outfit! Here are some statement belts that are a must-have for your collection.

Grommet Belt

A belt with multiple eyelets, this one is one of the most unique pieces in belts. There are so many belts out there that you can select from but this belt stands out from the rest. This one makes for a perfect statement belt because it has so many eyelets and holes that they are noticeable from a distance. A grommet belt is seen in so many colors and all of them are pretty but a black grommet belt is a perfect silhouette for fancy outings as well as casual outings. The best thing about this grommet belt is that it can easily upgrade any minimalistic outfit. Simply pick a monochrome outfit and pair this grommet belt along to create a division in the outfit. Floral print outfits can also be paired with a grommet belt to give them a little edge.

Skinny Belt

As the name suggests, this belt is an extremely thin belt and is one of the most loved pieces in belts. You are most likely to find this on every woman’s closet because it is very feminine and charming. Pick this skinny belt for your high waist jeans, loose maxi dresses and even bodycon dresses to add some style to them. There is not much utility of these belts because they are more on the fancy side. This is the reason why using this belt can easily turn a regular dress into a chic ensemble. It will accentuate your waist perfectly and give your figure a totally different look. If you are going out for a fancy night, then this belt will be the perfect accessory for your luxurious outfit. It can turn even the simplest outfit into something stunning.

Doube-buckle Belt

All the belts that you have seen until now have a single buckle in the front because that is how they are curated. But when fashion trends take a turn, there is nothing that can stop them. There are so many different belts out there and out of them, this trendy double-buckle belt has grabbed our attention. This one has two buckles in the front, thus making the perfect statement look for a woman. A bold double buckle in the front has the potential to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This can become your signature style and can also be one of those fancy silhouettes that you might be craving for. Turn to this belt in a cowboy kinda buckle or something with intricate work for the most interesting style.

Long-pin belt

Usually, belts are seen in a defined size and length because they are fitted to the waist and hold a tight grip there. But this one is something different. It doesn’t stick to the waist fully. Instead, one of the ends falls down to the front because it is that long. Recommended by fashion designers, this long pin belt is one of the most stunning pieces in belts because it is sleek and modish- just how a belt should be. The extra-long belt design of this one allows for more styling options. You can pick it up with your dresses, boyfriend jeans, shorts, and even shrugs to create a nice division. Accessories of any kind have the ability to add life to any outfit and this belt here is the perfect example to curate an impeccable outfit.

A blingy belt

A blingy belt is the perfect party belt that one can own. This one has gained so much popularity for the sole reason that it has a unique style and charm in it. Because of sparkle and bling, it has the potential to outshine every other thing. This blingy belt has some embellishments on it which help to gather attention effortlessly. The craze for glitter belts has never gone downhill and this one here is proof for that. Even if you are wearing a minimalistic mono outfit, adding this blingy belt to your outfit will help to add an edgy touch to your look. You can also add a gold waist belt or a metallic belt to your outfits for a hint of sophistication and drama.

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