Winter skincare products for every woman

As the temperature starts dropping in numbers, so does the health of our skin. While most of us are a huge fan of this cold and festive season but unfortunately the same cannot be said about our skin. There are so many downsides of having winters as far as your skin is concerned. Basically you can say that your skin is not the biggest fan of winters. With winters come a lot of skin concerns, out of which dry skin texture is the most common. And that’s because of the lack of moisture in the air, our skin starts to lose out on its moisture content and starts appearing really dry, flaky and dull. But thankfully, we have got some skincare products that are specially designed keeping this harsh cold weather in mind and provides your skin a serious amount of moisture and hydration. There are various skincare products that are available in the market but you only need to invest in ones that are essential and will serve the purpose. We have formed a list of some winter skincare products that will keep you sorted throughout the winter season. Read on to know about them.

Charcoal mask

A charcoal mask is a great fixer when it comes to combating build up dirt and impurities. You may have noticed how your skin starts to appear very dull, dry and tired and that’s because of the constant exposure of pollution and UV rays and not to forget the dry skin, that damages your skin cells and makes it appear really dull. However, as we told you a charcoal mask is a great fixer and it helps in getting rid of all the build-up impurities, dirt, dust, pollution and also helps in even out the skin tone. Just after one application of it, you will see how your skin looks brighter and glowing. Applying it twice or thrice a week for about 15-20 mins will be sufficient.

A heavy moisturizer/lotion

A moisturizer is the most important skincare product to have in your winter essentials kit. You cannot miss out on having one as it plays a key role in giving hydration and moisture to your skin in order to get rid of all the dry and flaky skin texture. While all the moisturizers work equally amazing, however, it’s always recommended to use a heavy moisturizer during winters because your skin requires a serious amount of moisture and hydration during such harsh weather.

Face scrub

Scrubbing your face during winters is one of the most crucial steps. It helps in getting rid of flakiness, dead skin cells and many other impurities that your skin has been holding onto for days and if not looked after can result in your skin becoming really dry and even acne break out. And that is when a scrubber comes to the rescue, taking a mild scrub gently massage it onto your skin in a circular motion. This will help in buffing away all the unwanted substances from your skin and make it look refreshing, healthy and radiant. It also allows your moisturizer to work more effectively.

Lip balm

Maintaining your lips is as important as any other step in a skincare routine. It also needs a generous amount of care and attention in order to prevent it from appearing very dry and scaly. Due to a lack of moisture in the air, your lips also start to lose out on its moisture content and start to become really dry. And the best cure for it is to use an oil-infused lip balm that will not only keep your lips from becoming dry bit will also provide it with extra hydration and moisture.

Night cream

When it comes to winters, our skin can use as much moisture as it can get and that is what a night cream does. It is specifically designed to be used at night only as you wouldn’t need to worry about your face looking extra shiny or greasy. You are basically a free bird when it comes to applying a generous amount of moisturizer to your skin so that it can help in keeping your skin well hydrated while you sleep.

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