Trendy Sunglasses for Everyday Wear

Accessories play a very important role in our overall dressing. They speak a language of their own and can convey a vibe that nothing else can. A lot of people pay attention to details and we must applaud their intelligence because accessories can do wonders. They are a way to convey your personal style. Whether you love to create a drama vibe or keeping it low, we have sunglasses for every type. Cat eyes create drama whereas mini frames create chic styles. Sunglasses have ditched the traditional styles and extended horizons in so many trendy designs and colors. You like neon? You can have them in neon. If you like prints like polka, they are rightly available! There are so many options to chose from. Pair them with your outfits and look trendy without even trying.

Sunglasses are perfect for every event, every vacation, and outing. Love the colors around you and go for any color or design you want. We’ve listed some of our favorites for your choice-

Oversized Aviators

Aviators are also popularly known as Pilot sunglasses. They were originally worn by pilots on their flight and looked very cool. This trend eventually made its way into fashion like everything else and here we are talking about it! Aviators are a great way to dress in a classic style every day. In no time, it has the potential to become your everyday staple. The distinctive shape of a teardrop in a metal frame looks so fascinating that you cannot resist picking up this one. Look for animal prints on the border of the frame to add some hip hop vibe to your dressing. This trend hasn’t grown old in all these years so it is definitely an investment.

Octagon Frame Sunglasses

As the name suggests, octagon sunglasses are a part of the geometric range and look very pleasing for trendy wear. If you want to invest in designer trends without spending a lot of bucks, this one is your definite pick. This is because of the eye-catching octagon frame that gives beachy vibes. Our mood instantly pumps up wearing such cool things that remind of a place far away. They are sleek and delicate with so many color variations. Usually, the glass is see-through in subtle colors. With this pair of sunglasses, the world looks even more pretty.

Micro-mini Frames

Micro mini frames are actually the new ‘in’ in the fashion world and you’ll spot every celebrity flaunting this trend. These frames are quite tiny and look super cute. You definitely can’t underestimate their power to flatter everyone. Though these sunnies are tiny in size, they have a UV protective layer in the lenses. They have multiple designs like cat-eye, round frames or square shapes. This design is too cool for words and you’ll know why once you buy them! Like oversize frames, this undersize frame is one of the best picks to look absolutely unique and stunning at the same time.

Clubmaster Frames

Clubmaster Frames are also called as browline sunglasses. They got this name because of the designing element. Browline means that they have thicker brows or a thicker frame on the top and thinner frame at the bottom. This style looks quite fascinating because of its distinctive design. All brands have come up with this trendy design in their accessories range and they are bestselling right now. Clubmaster frames are lightweight and look like an improvised version of regular spectacles with added color. They are unisex and very versatile. Look for a timeless browline pair of sunglasses on your next shopping spree.

Square Cat-eye Sunglasses

A cat-eye frame is visibly pointed at the corners but a square cat-eye frame is pointed up to a reasonable limit. It has a flat top silhouette with square lenses and a little pointed look at the corners. This is like a midway between cat-eye and regular sunglasses. It balances out the entire look of the face and gives an illusion of a face with sharp features. Square cat-eye glasses elongate the facial features and look very stunning. They are one of the latest trends in the industry so you should definitely pick them. Flaunt them with all your outfits and stand out!

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