Tips for Maintaining Healthy Natural Curls

Healthy Natural Curls

Stop straightening your hair regularly. While there’s no denying that straight hair looks gorgeous if you maintain your curls the right way they can look just as gorgeous. Someone said it right it is not about the shape or size of hair but about the healthiness of them, doesn’t matter whether they are straight, curly, or wavy. The journey of healthy curly hair is no doubt a long one but worth it and it will start showing results after just one practice. You’ll be able to keep your curls healthy and bring out their full, gorgeous potential by implementing these suggestions into your hair care regimen. Let’s look at the tips in detail to get you started in your healthy curly hair journey and to start loving them.

Essential Care Tips for Your Beautiful Healthy Natural Curls

1. Deep Conditioning

Healthy Natural Curls with Deep Conditioning

Curls tend to be on the drier side of the scale therefore deeply conditioning them is crucial. Keeping them conditioned keeps them healthy and bouncy. Avoid using dry shampoo and use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners. So that they can help you lock in the moisture and give you healthy hair. Use deep conditioning with oils and serum once a week to have healthier hair.

2. Skip Sulfates and chemicals

Skip Sulfates and chemicals

Sulfates are chemicals used as cleansing agents and are commonly found in many shampoos but they are not good for your hair, they have strong cleaning properties and can leave your hair dry and frizzy. Likewise, avoid using chemicals on your hair they can damage your hair and rob them of their natural beauty.

3. Night-time Hair Care

Nighttime Hair Care

Skin night care routine is common and very helpful, likewise, an effective night care hair routine can prove to be beneficial to have healthy hair. Use silk sheets and pillow covers to reduce the frizziness and tangle. Moisturize before sleeping with a light serum. Before going to bed, use a hair mask or deep conditioner, put a shower cap on your hair, and let the product do its wonders as you rest.

4. Reduce heat styling

heat styling

Go for air drying whenever possible and limit straightening your hair, minimize the use of heat styling tools and always use heat protectant whenever you do use heat on your hair. Using too much heat can lead to breakage and dryness therefore limit its uses. Curls are happier when they are trimmed regularly and styled in heatless hairstyles that highlight their built-in perfection whilst reducing the chance of harm from overheating.

5. Detangle gently


Curly hair tends to get more tangled which can cause a lot of stress and energy while detangling, however, to have healthy hair it is important to be patient and gentle with your curls. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair and always remember to be gentle. To prevent excessive strain on your curls, be gentle, and concentrate on little parts.

6. Diffuser


You must have seen a cap-type thing connected to the dryer nowadays, called a diffuser. Like the name, it is a tool used to diffuse the air of the dryer so that it is even out and less harsh to your hair. It gives your curls a bounce and helps in reducing frizz. When it comes to drying curly hair, using a diffuser may prove to be an invaluable tool. It offers a delicate and efficient method that keeps curls in their original form and reduces frizz.

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Bottom line

For natural, bounce, and healthy curls follow these tips religiously. Let go of the social norm and fall in love with your natural curls. Many fashion icons and hot shot influences have let go of the ritual of straightening their curly hair and embraced their natural curls. Deep condition them, protect them from heat, use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner, wear a hair mask once a week, and let your curls tell their tale. Maintenance and being consistent is the key to getting healthy natural curls. Accept and adore your curls, they are a part of you and deserve as much love.

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