Make-Up Hygiene to Follow For Beauty Lovers

All make-up lovers use their products regularly such as cream, foundation, moisturizer, blending brushes, etc. We love how the product turn blends on our face using some of these phenomenal brushes. However, some of us really don’t thing or make-up hygiene. The product that we use keeps on lying on the spreading items and we know how many chemicals and other natural stuff are mixed up. So it becomes extremely important for a person to schedule a cleaning day routine especially if you are into make-up every day. You can plan for a day in a month for a thorough clean, and clean it every weekend for some tiny bits here and there.

Empty Make-Up Kit

The first step for a thorough clean is to empty your make-up kit. Whenever you are working with products, you end up splashing some products here and there, especially when it comes to your eye shadows. The glittery ones leave sprinkle their sparkles, even your make up powder. It every time falls out. Therefore remove all the products from your make-up kit and use a wet wipe to clean all of it. If you have a huge kit you can use rough cloth and shelves cleaner to clean it all. You must sanitize it in this manner every month.

Products Clean

Now that you have the cleaned up kit, it is time to clean every product you store in it. Starring form the bigger pallets, take a paper towel and use an anti-bacterial spray such as Isopropyl alcohol. Use it to clean it from the outside and spraying it on a Q-tips remove the product, spread across the colors inside. Don’t worry; this is a hundred percent save. This is used to disinfect any cut that you get at home. This is the best manner to sanitize your products. You can do the same for the other make-up palettes such as your highlighter, bronzer, or blushes.

Clean Brushes

The labor work for today needs cleaning of brushes. So to begin brushes cleaning, you need to first disinfect a flat platform. You can use some rubbing alcohol if you like. Now, lay down all your brushes on the floor. To clean brushes we have certain types of equipment, if you have them then you shall use them. However, the others who don’t have, take a 100% natural soap. A moisturizing soap such as coconut will be great or there are other beauty cleaning soaps available, you can go for that. Now, make your brushes moist and rub it on the soap bad and finally on the cleanser. There are brush cleansers that are soft on your brushes and don’t make it lose its hair. You really want to clean the brushes thoroughly every week if you are into everyday make-up.
Now the brushes hairs are clean use a paper towel to clean the sticks, you can take the rubbing alcohol if you like. It is really good to clean all the impurities of the brush, which is necessary especially if you share them with a roommate or your sister.

Make-Up Blender

In order to clean any sponge or beauty blender, you will need some lukewarm water and hand soap. Now, soak your sponge well in water add a spoon of liquid soap on it. Rub your thumb in a circular motion on top of it. This will ensure that the sponge is nice and clean. You might need to repeat the step twice if your blender is still having dirt or product in it.

Mixing Palette

Some of us just use or hands instead or palette, so if you are one of them you need not do anything further. For those of you who have it, it must be steel, plastic, or glass. So you need to clean it thoroughly every day after applying your product. In case you are not doing so then you will need to soak up your palette in warm water so the product on it gets moist and easy to remove. Finally, wipe it with rubbing alcohol and you are done.

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