Incredible winter skincare tips for mature skin

Winter can be a testing time for a lot of us in the skincare department. The dip in temperatures, reduced moisture level in the air, and spending more time in front of a blasting heater make it impossible for us to avoid dry, flaky, and red skin. These issues can be even worse in the case of mature skin. Women who are 40 or above, are affected by these issues on a greater level, and that’s because their skin tends to be mature, which fails to produce collagen in sufficient amount, leading to aging.

Noticing the first signs of aging on the skin can be a bit jolting for most women, but aging is a natural process, and there’s only little you can do about it. But at the same time, it also doesn’t mean you can’t keep your skin looking healthier, fresher, and youthful in your 40s and beyond. Mature skin needs to be cared for even more in winter, and to help you make sure your skin remains happy and healthy in winter, we have rounded up a list of some winter skincare tips that every woman with mature skin should follow.


Exfoliate, but don’t go overboard

Exfoliation is absolutely necessary for all skin types, and you should do it regularly to keep dead and dry skin at bay. But you should also know where to draw a boundary when it comes to exfoliation. Overexfoliation won’t help your skin in any way; in fact, it might only create more problems for you, leaving your skin extremely sensitive and red. Additionally, you should use a mild scrub to exfoliate your skin. Some scrubs contain harsh chemicals that have an adverse effect on your skin and often leave it dry, sensitive, and red. Therefore, choose your scrub wisely and settle for those ingredients that feel gentle on the skin and don’t strip your skin of moisture.


Moisturizing is the key

Dryness in mature skin is often triggered by a drop in certain hormones. Therefore, you need to use a rich moisturizer in winter to keep your skin well hydrated and nourished. You should pick a moisturizer that is formulated with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc. These ingredients will help to deliver intense hydration to your skin.


Use facial oils

Facial oils can prove to be of great help to women of every age, especially the ones with mature skin. Facial oils can help you maintain the moisture in your skin. You can use the oil by mixing a few drops of it with your moisturizer. Additionally, you should only use high-quality oil to give your skin a lit-from-within and healthy glow. You can find facial oils in a myriad of options, each one has a different set of benefits to offer, you can opt for the one that addresses your skin’s needs and concerns in the best possible way and at the same keep your skin plump and nourished.


Pick ingredients that boost collagen production and cell repair

As you age, the collagen production and cell function in your skin become less efficient. Women with mature skin should make sure to include skincare products containing those ingredients that help to promote collagen production and cell repair in order to keep skin healthy and youthful. Peptides are one of the best ingredients to consider for mature skin, they not only send a signal to the cells to repair themselves but also encourage collagen production.


Keep seeking hydration from all angles

Water plays a vital role when it comes to maintaining the health and appearance of your skin. You should seek hydration from every possible angle to keep your skin well-hydrated. You should include those products in your routine that help to attract and retain water in your skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients to consider when it comes to combating dehydration. Additionally, you can take some help from your humidifier, place it somewhere around your bed to keep your skin moist and dewy, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water every day.

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