Things you should know before choosing a foundation

With the number of shades, options, and brands available in the market, buying a foundation has become a really difficult process. It can be a little tricky but definitely not impossible. Having a foundation means you wouldn’t need to worry about having flawless skin, hiding that acne, acne marks or any other sort of imperfections on your face. It just helps in perfecting your existing skin which is why this makes for an essential makeup product. While looking for one the ultimate goal always has been to find the perfect shade which looks like your skin. There are many other factors that one needs to consider before purchasing a new foundation.


The most essential thing to do is to find the right shade of foundation for your skin. Going one shade lighter or darker with foundation is only going to make it very evident and noticeable that you are wearing it on your skin. A foundation’s job is to look like your skin and not the other way around. While looking for your shade, make sure to match it with your face by applying it to your lower jaw and neck or directly on your face. But remember to do all the testing in good natural lighting for ground reality.


Foundations should be bought taking skin type into consideration. Some people have dry or oily skin types while some have combination skin. Choosing the wrong foundation can lead to either extra oiliness or dryness on the face. So always let the retailer know about your skin type. From matte to dewy finish, foundations are available for every skin type. Matte finish foundations work the best for people with oily to combination skin type. Whereas, dewy finish foundation works the best for people with normal to dry skin type as it hydrates the skin and pumps in all the needed moisture.


If you are that person who is dealing with some skin problem then it’s better to let your retailer know. There are many variants of foundations that deal with skin concerns like acne, sensitive skin, signs of aging, etc.

To prevent all those acne breakouts use a light-weight foundation as it won’t clog your pores. Look for one which is actually customized for acne-prone skin and has salicylic acid in it which helps to combat all those acne. The Same is in the case of people dealing with skin sensitivity and signs of aging. They can pick a foundation that is specially designed for keeping their skin concern in mind.


From light and medium to full-coverage foundation, they are available in all. It is you who has to decide what coverage you would like to go for. If you like your skin to feel and look very light and breathable then the lightweight foundation is your way to go. This foundation can be used to create highly trending NO MAKE-UP LOOK. And for an everyday look, you can opt for a medium coverage foundation that will provide the right amount of coverage to your skin. Whereas high-coverage foundations may feel a little heavy on the skin, but they can make a huge change to your existing skin by making it look all glam, flawless and healthy altogether.

And if you are still confused about what to buy, then you can go for light to medium coverage foundation as it is quite buildable.

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