A Guide to choosing the right bag for yourself

Choosing the right bag is really important considering you invest both your time and money when looking for one. So having found the right one at first go is a big plus. But not everybody gets lucky, some people go wrong with their choices and considerations and end up buying the wrong bag. Believe it or not, but a bag alone can make or break your look. So it’s wise to consider everything before investing in any bag.

Clothes or any other staples are not the only pieces that need some testing and considerations, bags should also be checked for their comfort, quality, and many other factors. To make it easier for you, we have listed a few tips which you can keep in your mind when thinking of splurging on a new bag.


The most basic rule to follow is to take your body shape into consideration. Many women often do this mistake of buying a bag that doesn’t compliment their body and end up looking very unflattering. Always opt for a bag that is opposite to your body silhouette to flatter that hot body of yours.


For small petite women, the bag that can do justice to your body kind are small to medium-sized handbags. The straps of the bag should also be short to medium length. Avoid long straps as they will draw all the attention downwards making you look even smaller. And it’s best to stay away from oversized bags as they can feel very overwhelming.


If you are a person who comes under this category then it’s best for you to stay away from bags with short straps as they can make you look even taller. The slouchy, rounded bag is the best option for you to add some curves to your body.

Select a bag that is wider, like hobo or clutch.


The best way to balance out your curves is to opt for a structured or boxy bag. Choose a bag that is long and rectangular or long and sleek. Avoid bags with small frames as they can make you appear larger than you are. As they say the rounder your figure, the more structured your bag has to be.


Investing in a bag that is of high quality is always a wise decision to make. It’s not like you will be purchasing a new bag every second day. So look for the best quality while you can. After all, this is not something you will be keeping in your closet stacked around in a corner like your dresses. It can be re-worn as many times as you want.


While looking for a bag it may get a little hard to choose among different colors available in the shop. If you have a color decided in your mind that’s excellent and if not then the best option is to go for neutrals. You can never go with neutrals like black, nude or grey as they go with nearly every single outfit.


Just like any other apparel, you should also try a handbag in front of a mirror to see if they are complimenting your body type or not. Check them from every angle and then make any decisions.

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