The Simple Glow Glam Make-Up Look

There are days when a girl wishes to look naturally pretty. When you wish you could be really complete your make-up quickly and get the lift in the face. Well, there are tons of times when we are in this situation. Well, if you need help in this area then our today’s post will help to you. So let’s get to the mystery of creating the glow make-up look for your every day to the days when you want to look special. It will hardly take your five minutes to get done with this look if you are someone who has been practicing make-up before. With a due let’s begin.

Face Prep

Apply all the facial toning and moisturizing products like toner, serum, facial oil, and moisturizer. Once you have done this apply a nice layer of sunscreen on top. Sunscreen is to be applied not on the face but neck, arms hands everywhere. Wear a good layer of it. Now, if you want to apply primer then you can apply it or you can use aloe Vera gel. It is a cheap and best natural primer for your skin. Passing on to the foundation, make sure you blend everything in, and there are no patches or uncovered spots. Make the neck and the visage look the same.


In order to find the best concealer for your face, use the trick we are sharing with you. Take a black permanent marker or sketch. Draw a line on your wrist. Now, apply concealer over it. See which covers the spot nicely and brings up the brightness a concealer is supposed to. Since now you have a perfect concealer, hid away the imperfection on your face, and have the glow. You can apply a drop on the inflammations or the acne scars. For under the eye apply the concealer in v shape sport or an inverted triangle. If you think that concealer will be too much then you can apply color correction under the eyes and work your way in.

Eye Make-Up

Begin with a base coat. Apply an eye shadow that matches your skin tone and then, use a sparkle golden eye shadow from the eyelashes to the brows. Making it like it’s sort of fading away as it is reaching your brows. Now, add the crease with bronze or tan shade as you like. Make the crease line light and sort of blending in with the shadow. Now, give the final touch up by taking some tan or the bronze shade on an eyebrow brush and apply it to the lower lash. You need to apply it from the center to the outer corner giving it a sort of smudging look. Once you are happy with the outer corner of the eye; using a white tone glitter or you can work with a highlighter as well. Apply it on the inner corner of your eye, giving it a brightening effect.


Now, you can apply liner if you like and mascara with it. If you want to work with a brown tone here you can do that as well. You can simply go with the mascara if you thing the liner is a bit much. You need to curl your eye with the eyelashes curler and then go in with the mascara. Don’t do it another way around because when you apply mascara before lashes rolling, the lashes become hard and you can lose them fast. Be gentle while curling doesn’t pull out the lashes.
The final step is lipstick and you can apply any shade with this eye look. A light or dark tone lipstick can work nicely with it. Since the eye looks is glittery try to avoid glossy lips. You can work with a baby pink shade or a neutral coffee tone lipstick. Each shade will work nicely with this look.

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