Makeup mistakes that can make you look tired on a video call

Ever since the pandemic has hit our lives, most of us have been working from home, which felt good for a change, but it has started to feel a bit monotonous now. But there’s very little we can do about it as a long road lies ahead of us. While we can’t really tell for how long we will have to continue working from home, one thing is for certain that your work certainly won’t stop. You still will have to attend meetings; the only difference is the meetings won’t be happening in person but virtually. Virtual meetings have become the new normal, and we have pretty much made our peace with this very fact.

That said, although we all have been working right from the comfort of our homes, it is considered nice etiquette to make yourself look presentable on video calls, considering you will be visible to others on their screens. While there’s absolutely no need for doing a full face of makeup, you can put on enough makeup to at least make yourself look presentable. But at the same time, certain makeup mistakes can make you look tired, and that’s not how you want yourself to look on video calls. To help you ensure that you don’t look tired on video calls, we have rounded up a list of some makeup mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.


Applying too much bronzer

While bronzer can work some wonders for your look, when used incorrectly, it can make you look tired on video calls. Instead of making your face look sculpted, the bronzer will add more shadow to your face, which looks weird on screen. Going overboard with a bronzer won’t only make you look tired but might also end up enhancing your skin imperfections. Therefore, you should either go light on the bronzer or entirely skip using it.


Wearing a dark eyeliner

As much as we would like to agree with the fact that a dark eyeliner is a great way to play up your eyes and draw attention to them, it’s best to skip using it when getting ready for a video call. Dark eyeliners, black, in particular, make the eyes look even smaller and droopy, and that gives you a tired appearance. You can skip using eyeliner altogether and instead use your mascara to open up your peepers and make your eyes look wide awake. However, if you want to use eyeliner, you should stick to brown eyeliner.


Forgetting to fill in your brows

Nicely groomed and filled in brows can completely transform your look, your brows help to accentuate your eyes and other features, therefore, you shouldn’t skip filling them in when getting ready for a video call. If you have thick and bushy brows, then you can still do without brow products, but if you have sparse and thin brows, then you should brush up and fill in your brows to avoid looking tired on video calls. Aside from helping you frame your face, your brows will also amp up your entire look.


Smokey eyes

When it comes to your eye makeup, especially eyeshadow, you should refrain from using dark colors or creating a smokey eye look as they make you look very tired on video calls and sometimes also give an appearance of a black eye. You can use light colors to create different eye makeup looks, pink, coral, and nude shades are some of the best options to consider, they not only make your makeup look fresh and natural but also open up your peepers, making you look wide awake.

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