Tips to follow to get softer and smoother legs post-exfoliation

Unless you have been living under a rock, we are certain you are fully aware of the incredible benefits of skin exfoliation. Exfoliation is a vital part of a skincare routine, and every woman should indulge in regular exfoliation irrespective of their skin type. Another important thing to learn about exfoliation is it is not only meant for the skin of your face but the rest of your body as well. Body exfoliation isn’t given as much importance as face exfoliation, but that should change now if you want your skin to feel softer, smoother, and supple not just on your face but the entire body as well, especially in winter when your skin turns dry and flaky.

Incorporating this simple skincare habit in your routine will help making your skin feel softer and smoother. However, if you don’t see any difference in your skin post-exfoliation when it comes to your legs, chances are you are doing things the wrong way. Your legs shouldn’t feel dry and dehydrated anymore post-exfoliation, but if this happens to you every single time, then most probably aren’t exfoliating your legs the right way. But fret not; we have got your back. Listed below are a couple of exfoliation tips you should follow to make your legs look softer and smoother.


Consider using different tools

Most of us prefer using our bare hands to apply and massage the scrub over the legs, this method works for some, and for others, it just doesn’t work. Your bare hands might not be sufficient to slough off the dead skin from your legs, which is why you need to consider using different tools to achieve softer and smoother legs. Loofah, washcloth, and an exfoliating sponge are some of the best tools to consider when it comes to exfoliating your legs. They gently eliminate dead skin from your legs, leaving behind glowing and smooth skin.


Don’t be too harsh

Just because scrubs help your skin, it doesn’t mean they don’t pose any threat to your delicate skin. Body scrubs are composed of several ingredients, and some ingredients can be harmful to your skin. Most physical scrubs are infused with abrasive ingredients; they can end up damaging your skin if you aren’t gentle while scrubbing your legs. Being too aggressive while scrubbing your legs can cause micro-tears on your skin, thereby leading to redness and irritation. Therefore, you should be extremely gentle while scrubbing your legs and always massage the product in a small circular motion to ensure the best results.


Avoid exfoliating your legs after shaving

Shaving pretty much works the similar way as a body scrub; it also helps to exfoliate your skin to some extent. You should avoid exfoliating your legs after shaving, since shaving is also an act of exfoliation, it just doesn’t make sense to exfoliate your legs afterwards using a body scrub. Exfoliation often leaves your skin pretty sensitive, over-exfoliating it with a scrub will only end up damaging your skin. You should use a body scrub before shaving your legs and not the other way round. This won’t only help you get better results but will also make it easier for the razor to glide on smoothly on your legs.


Pay extra heed to specific areas

Whenever you have to exfoliate your legs, you should make sure to pay extra attention to certain areas, including your ankles, feet, and knees. The dead skin build-up is more stubborn in these areas; therefore, you should pay extra attention to them. The reason why these areas look darker than the remaining part is the stubborn nature of dead skin build-up, therefore, you should exfoliate them with the help of a scrub and a washcloth to slough away dead skin.

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