How Can Makeup Sharpen Your Facial Features?

How Can Makeup Sharpen Your Facial Features

Makeup is all about how you can bring out the best of your facial features and if you are not doing it right, you are more likely to mess up your face makeup big time. But the fun factor lies in how much you experiment before getting that perfect chisel on your face in different spots.
We are discussing here some beauty tips to envision a sharp look on your face when you are getting ready for something special and you need to show off the bling factor. The following tips need to be perfected with time and hence need a lot of patience, so stay put!


1. Cat Eyeliner

Although not a piece of cake, this can provide the ultimate sharpened eye no matter what your shape is. The curving lines will trace your eye shape and extend it from the corners making your eyes appear bigger and fuller. This is also why cat eyeliner has stayed in vogue for such a long time, most of the 2010 decade. Add glitter eyeliner to define the shape of the eyes or eyeliner.

Cat Eyeliner

2. Contouring

Contouring becomes easy as you practice. You know where to start and with what shade pretty early than most of the foundation pickers. Your cheeks will bless you for the much focus you bring in with the right brush and shade of contour. Add some bright color lightly and your cheeks will surely look more volumized.


3. Perfect Lashes

Lash lines create more definition for your eyes. You can buy a fuller one and alter it according to your eye shape so that your eyes look brighter or lengthier to give it an edge. Placement of the lashes is important to sharpen your eye shape. Generally, the placement factor shifts towards the outer corner of the eyes. To have a perfect eye shape with rich definition, eyeliner together with a flourished lash line makes a great team.

Perfect Lashes

4. Highlighting

Highlighting the high points of your face is a game changer and it doesn’t entirely depend on contouring skills. Your face looks sharpened with just the right application of a highlighter because it lowers the low points further. Not only does highlighting closely to your skin undertone bring out the freshness and a sheer hydrated outlook but also defines the place where it sits.

You may wish to highlight your eyes’ inner corners or your eyebrow bone, this will give you a fair idea.


5. Dramatic Eyes

To have dramatic-looking eyes is not a taxing task because you just need eyeliner, preferably gel or liquid-based. Start by lining the upper eyelid and stretch upwards from the outer corner. Finish by bringing the same line inwards and touching the inner corner while also tracing the crease. Now fill the space with the same eyeliner and paint religiously until the dramatic eyeliner look is done.

This look covers all your eyelid areas and is also stylized at the end. It makes your eyes look a bit shorter but is super impactful and feels heavy. Your eyes might look some drowned depending on what deep color you choose. This idea is used for defining a face without much time.

Dramatic Eyes

Some of these tips are dedicatedly used to dull some features while making space for the other feature to shine brighter. But no matter what you do, you have to have the right foundation cover first before you proceed with anything else. Right after that, figure out what parts have to be shining brighter than anything else on the face. This will be the very step of achieving a sharp look on the face.
Using a brush to create a perfect blend over a sponge is the next best tip that comes right from the top makeup artists in the beauty industry.

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