Swap these outdated summer fashion trends with latest ones

Although it has already started to feel like summer, we cannot wait for it to officially arrive in the country. And we are sure that many of you girls are as excited for the summer season to arrive as we are and why not? We have all the reasons to feel excited. All the summer trends that are doing rounds on our social media already have us all hyped up. Every season comes with a new set of brimming fashion trends possibilities and every trend comes with an expiration trend, with the arrival of new ones for the season, some of the old ones tend to feel outdated. And we can all use some excuse to clear our wardrobe of all the clutter that we have been collecting for a year or two and swap them with the latest trending pieces. Building your summer wardrobe could be a great start to welcome the summer season, and there can be no better way of doing it than swapping your old fashion pieces with the latest finds.

Out: Gladiator sandals
In: Two-strap sandals

While we have to agree that gladiator sandals did manage to look every bit of amazing and chic with a few of our outfits but if we speak of today, they seem to have lost their charm and feels outdated. Many fashion girls are swapping this pair of footwear with two-strap sandals as they look much sleeker. This pair may look a little too simple in terms of its style but it certainly manages to add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the look. Additionally, they are also comparatively extremely easy to wear and can be carried effortlessly with most of your outfits.

Out: Flat flip-flops
In: Heeled thong sandals

There’s no other pair that can offer as casual and relaxing look as flat flip flops and while it had its fair share of time to be on the trending list of summer fashion trends but now it seems like its reign has come to an end at least for this year. And we are more than happy to let go of this trend as we will get something better and elevated in return. Heeled thong sandals have currently been the talk of the town and they are ready to take over your basic flip flops with a bang. These heeled thong sandals offer a very sleek look and they also go pretty well with most outfits including jeans and dresses.

Out: Prairie top
In: Crop tanks

Prairie tops were everywhere last year and as good of addition as they were to our wardrobe, we are ready to let go of this trend for quite some time now. It’s quite rare to find fashion pieces that are both versatile and practical and when you finally do find one, you shouldn’t pass the opportunity to incorporate that trend into your wardrobe. We are talking about crop tanks that are the current talk of the town that reminds us of the 90s. Also, they are pretty cheap; therefore, getting them in cute and pretty colors will be worth your investment.

Out: Tiny sunglasses
In: Shield sunglasses

Sunglasses are the perfect piece of accessory in our wardrobe that can do wonders for our look. Nothing can beat a sexy pair of sunglasses added to your summer look. And while previous year was all about tiny sunglasses, this year, shield sunglasses are your go-to way to conceal your under-eye bags or dark circles. Apart from that, they will also add a certain amount of flair and urbanity to your look.

Out: Short shorts
In: Long shorts

We have mostly seen shorts coming in their typical style every year. And as much as we loved these pairs of shorts, we are ready to take some break from them and instead try their longer and better versions that are being introduced in a plethora of styles ranging from tailored shorts to long denim shorts or bike shorts. These long pairs of shorts look much fashion-forward which can help you create some of the chicest looks this summer.

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