Socks guide: different socks and ways to style it

We all know that wearing a sock is not very difficult or something that needs a guide to talk about steps on how you can wear a sock. Wearing socks is easy but selecting the right pair of socks can be a bit difficult. You need to choose between different types of socks, their length, the material they are made up of, and designs and patterns all matter when you wear them with some outfit. You may hide the socks in your shoes or might want to show the sock by wearing long-length socks. Material is important as bad-quality socks may collect germs and calluses and cause smelly feet.

If you want to know different types of socks and what type of socks goes with what outfit then look at the list below and see the socks guide.


Ankle-length socks

These socks are widely used nowadays and everyone is using these in their daily life. These socks cover the feet and come up till your ankle. They are perfect to be worn with sneakers, sports shoes, loafers, or any other low-cut shoes and where you do not want to show much of your socks. They protect the feet and provide warmth and comfort. These types of socks are widely used in casual settings, for example, going out, wearing some casual clothes with sneakers, and many others. You can style them with jeans, skirts leggings and almost all sorts of clothing where you can wear either shoes or loafers.


Slip-on socks

If you do not feel comfortable with warm socks covering your feet and them being in shoes you can try wearing slip-on padding/socks. These are thin and comfortable and become a layer between shoes and your feet without providing much heat and keeping you comfortable. They protect you from shoe bites and smelly feet as well. You can wear them under any shoes, loafers, ballerina shoes, or others where you do not wish to wear socks or are afraid of a shoe bite. They are not visible to anyone.


Knee-length socks

These socks are ideal during harsh weather. They not only protect the feet but also protect the lower leg till the knees. You get protection from the cold weather and get warmth from these socks keeping you comfortable in the cold weather. These socks are also great to be used when practicing or exercising as they protect the leg and you can exercise in cold weather even outside the house. Some schools and industries have these socks as a part of their uniform. You can wear it under your jogger or jeans and you are good to go.


Thigh-high socks

These socks are more of a fashion accessory. These socks provide warmth to the legs and are also a great accessory. They go above the knee and are usually paired with shorts, skirts, or dresses during the winter season. You can even get socks that are made up of material that is not warm and can wear it in summers and style it up with different clothes. You can get different colors and prints available in these socks but the most common and widely used color for these socks is black. They are paired with either boots or heels and sometimes even with sneakers.


Crew length socks

These socks are longer than ankle length and shorter than knee-length socks. These socks are usually long enough to reach the calf muscles. These socks are versatile and can be worn for different events and occasions. You can wear these socks when going for a trek or hike making them useful in a casual event and can even pair them up with some formal clothes and make them useful in a formal event. You can even wear them when lounging in your house.

The above mentioned are the different kinds of socks you can match with your outfits and complete your look. A good pair of socks enhance the outfit and makes it look tidy and complete whereas the wrong socks can ruin the look. You can go funky and add vibrant colored socks into your plain outfits to add a splash of color to your look. Socks are also an important part of any outfit and should not be neglected by any means. You can experiment with colors and patterns and look for new styles and themes.

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