Tips on choosing the right high heels

High heels may look all sexy and fancy but in reality, wearing them for a long time can really hurt your feet especially when they are not of the right size and feels uncomfortable to wear around. So it’s really important that we always invest in heels that not only matches your comfort zone but also feel comfortable walking around.

There are high heels that come in all different designs, styles, colors, and heel size. From block heel to stiletto heel, they come in every different form. And when it comes to choosing between heels and footwear when styling with a fancy outfit, we will always opt for stiletto heels as they never go out of style and look amazing every time we wear it. However, with that, you also need to ensure that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in any sense or else it may make you feel really conscious about the way you walk.

While making your next purchase for high heels, make sure you bear a few things in your mind so that your feet don’t get hurt next time.

Hunt for the heels at the end of the day

You may take this advice very lightly, but it really is a wise thing to do. Shop for your heels at the end of the day as your feet tend to get a little swollen with all the amount of work and exercise it does all day long. This way you will get an idea about how they will fit during the different conditions. And don’t think of trying them on in the morning, or else you might regret purchasing them when they won’t fit your swollen feet.

Find the right fit and size

In a hurry of finding a pair of heels for yourself, don’t forget to check it for its size and fit. Which is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing any shoes. As getting a wrong pair of heels won’t only make you feel uncomfortable but can also hurt your feet in the form of blisters, corns, etc. and also know that every brand has different shoe sizes, so always measure your feet before making any purchase from the shoe store.

Try and wear them around the store

Buying shoes without trying them on is a big no-no. you just can’t rely on your shoe size as it is not necessary that every brand comes with the same shoe size. So it’s really important to try them on and ensure the right fit of it. Also, make sure to walk around a little around the store in those heels to ensure they don’t feel uncomfortable and feel easy for you to walk in. try walking on different surfaces to get some idea about how they will feel when you encounter such conditions in real life.

Choose the right heel height

Heel height serves as one of the major factors in deciding if the heels are comfortable to walk around in or not. They come in all different heights from 3 cm to 16 cm, the stores have them all. It’s you who has to decide on what heel height you want and feel comfortable walking in. while heels that are between 3-9 cm of height feels the most comfortable to walk in. and when we talk about heels that come with heel height between 12 cm to 16 cm, surely doesn’t make for the most comfortable shoes as it puts tension on your lower back, knees, and ankles and also doesn’t provide a good balance. However, if you still want to opt for high heels, make sure you don’t have to walk around for long hours.

Decide on thickness of the heel

The Thicker the heel the more support it provides to the body. So if you don’t like your heels to be very thin, opt for ones that come with thick heels like block ones. They provide all the right comfort and balance to the body. And surely feels 10 times more comfortable to walk around in than those stiletto ones. Also, these heels reduce the chances of ankle sprain, which we know hurts like hell.

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