Some of the famous Korean fashion trends

Korean fashion gained its popularity across the globe in recent times due to the popularity of kdramas and kpops. Seoul, the capital of South Korea is also known as the fashion capital of South Korean fashion and its new trends. Korean fashion now is more modern and less conservative than it was a few years back. This fashion has all types of styles and aesthetics. You can style in a soft girl, leisurewear, edgy and other kinds of aesthetics with the trendy clothes that are in this fashion.

Do you find Korean fashion interesting and do you want to know more about what kind of clothes are worn in and what is trending right now? If so, then look at the list below to know about the famous, trending Korean fashion trends.


Streetwear is one of the most famous styles that is worn by many in Korea. You can see different celebrities sporting this look. This look consists of lots of baggy pants, oversized t-shirts and shirts, casual shoes, and many more. This style is extremely comfortable and stylish at the same time. This style is not only common among Korean youth but is now gaining popularity among youth across the globe. People are getting inclined towards comfort wear and what more can be comfortable than some oversized t-shirts and pants.

Ankle-length pants

This is another famous piece of cloth that became popular recently and you can see not only women but also men wearing some ankle pants. These pants, as the name suggests are a pair of pants that ends up at the ankle and your ankle is visible making it ideal for fall or spring season. You can also wear them in the winter season by styling them with some ankle boots. They look good with all kinds of tops like loose, tight, cropped, oversized. You can style these pants in an easy and comfortable way. These are available everywhere for you to buy.

Pleated skirts

These skirts are not something that is specifically Korean style as they are styled and worn everywhere. But as everyone knows, fashion repeats itself. These pleats skirts that were once famous, are now making their way back into the fashion industry. You can see a lot of Korean artists and celebrities wearing these beautiful skirts. They add a touch of femininity and elegance to the outfit. They make you look stylish and cute.

Ribbed shirts and dresses

This is one of the Korean trends that gained popularity quickly and are still in style. This is a twist to regular shirts and dresses. This is a great way to make the shirt or dress a bit more modern yet not make it revealing or bold. This is a great piece of clothing that can be worn in spring or summer. They make you look chic and elegant. You can get different kinds of shirts and dresses in this design and can style them the right way. You can style ribbed shirts with jeans or pants or even shorts. You can style the dress in a casual manner and wear some sneakers or sandals with it.

Chunky shoes

Chunky shoes are extremely famous in the Korean fashion industry. One of the reasons can be that they go well with all kinds of clothing and you can pair them up with anything. They have been a hit in Korea for quite some time and you can see almost everyone owning at least a pair of chunky sneakers. These shoes can make you taller by an inch or two depending upon how high the sole is. Some of these shoes even have to heal hidden inside to give you a few more inches and make you seem taller. They are great to be paired with something casual.

These are some of the clothes that are extremely popular and trendy among the people right now and that made Korean fashion famous worldwide. There are other clothes too that are trendy and fashionable. Look for the one that represents your style and wear what you are comfortable in. The clothes mentioned above are extremely common among the youth of South Korea and you can see many people dressed in these clothes. Get some of these and dress up in some trendy clothes.

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