Skincare products that are not worth the hype

Skincare products are a necessity if one wishes to keep their skin flawless and hydrated during all times of the day. This is because the amount of protein and vitamin properties that are present in skincare products are hard to find in any other cosmetic products. Therefore, using the right thing in your everyday regime is a must. But because of much hype in the market, we usually tend to buy those products that have benefitted some other person in our peer group. Now, this is something really tricky because what might be of benefit to some other person may not have the same effect on you or even worse, it can have a counter-effect on you. Some products can be extremely beneficial while some are just overhyped. Here is a list of some skincare essentials that are just too much overrated and can be skipped from your routine.

Activated Charcoal masks

Charcoal is considered to be one of the best ingredients for our skin and there is simply no doubt about it. It is beneficial in many ways and clears the pores in literally no time. Although it has a lot of benefits that none other product has, it has relevance only up to a certain point. They are good at what they do but definitely not worth the hype that has been created in their reference. It is present in everything nowadays- from face wash to soaps to masks to body wash. But the thing is that they don’t detox clogged pores the way everyone assumes they would. They can absorb the dirt from the skin surface but cannot deep cleanse it and that is why they are definitely not worth the hype.

Facial Rollers

One of the best ways to deal with the process of aging is facial. Regular salon appointments or self-care has become a thing and it is the right thing to do. But with technology and advancement, people tend to move towards easier options and this one is exactly that. Facial rollers have created a lot of hype in the market and have claimed to substitute the anti-aging facials that one goes for in the salon. They come in fancy designs flaunting crystal color rollers. But the thing is that even though they might look soothing and soft, they are not that beneficial in eliminating the swelling and puffiness of the face. Using a facial roller regularly can make your skin feel supple but in no way does it control the puffiness of the face. So, it is definitely not worth the money.

Dark Spot Serums

Each one of us deals with skin problems. And dark spots and blemishes are just one of them. No matter what we do, we cannot hide from them and somewhat they make their way into our skin. There are a ton of dark spot serums and removers that are claimed to be effective in correcting an uneven skin tone. They are used by the Millenials and have created so much hype already. But if you ask us, these dark spot serums are nothing but overrated. They deal with uneven skin tone undoubtedly but expecting them to remove your blemishes and brightening your area is just stupidity. With sun exposure, you tend to get dark spots on face and they settle in the pores. These serums are not that effective in deep-cleansing them.

Overpriced Moisturizers

A moisturizer is a moisturizer. You don’t have to go for an expensive one instead of a regular drugstore one just because it has a label on it. The thing about a moisturizer is that one might give you more hydration with a soft and creamy texture. And the other one might give you a little less hydration with the same texture. But in reality, all moisturizers are great for the skin and tend to work in the same way, keeping aside the price. The dilemma of choosing a luxury and drugstore moisturizer is plain wastage of money and should not be paid so much heed. There are plenty of affordable moisturizers in the market that do a great job for your skin type. Just find the best one that suits your skin!

Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch mark creams are extremely overrated because they claim to reduce the marks in no time. But in reality, this is not even close. These creams do hydrate the area on the stomach, the thighs and even the arms wherever you have stretch marks; but just because the commercials claim them to be effective to the core doesn’t mean you should believe everything. Expensive stretch mark creams just don’t do enough to address this problem so you should not pick them for your vanity.

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