Step-by-Step Guide to pull off the Glitter Eye shadow

Glitter eyeshadow has been the talk of the town since the day it first came to our notice. The reason for this hype is that there is something undeniably glamorous about glitter eyes that makes us look more attractive and charming. If there was just one look that we had to pick for ourselves, it would be glitter eyes because they look charming, elegant and chic at the same time. Anything you do in glitter is bound to make you look your fancy best and will cast an impression like none other. This eyeshadow is worth the try and you can do it easily at home. We have this step by step guide of applying a glitter cut-crease look at home in literally no time. You can ace it with regular practice!

Step 1: Pick a light-colored eye shadow for the crease

The first thing to do is pick a light-colored eyeshadow for a base for your glitter eyeshadow. This will act as a base for the ultimate look and will also help in creating a dimensional look for the eyes. A good eye makeup look lies on the trick that you should always pick a firm base. this base can be anything in cream or neutral colors. If you are picking glitter eyeshadow in electric colors like pink, blue, purple, etc. then you can go for a basic nude pink or pastels too. You have so many options on what color to start with so decide on the color of glitter first and then pick your base accordingly. Sweep it on the crease of your eyes evenly across the lid.

Step 2: Choose a darker color for the outer corner

Pick a darker color in the same base that you are picking for the crease. This dark color has the potential to make your eyes look brighter because a transition from light to dark tone is something else. This glamorous look will grab attention everywhere. Simply pick a dark color in the same base and apply it evenly on the outer corner of your eyes. You can pick a dark brown or even black color for that matter. Try navy, magenta, and green for a colorful look. The trick is to move your brush in circular motions so that this color blends easily on the corners.

Step 3: Blend both the colors together

This one is the most imperative thing for your glitter eyeshadow. You need to blend both these dark and light tones together in order to make them look together and one. This base and transition from light to dark color should look soft and soothing to the eyes rather than two different colors. You might be thinking that this is something challenging and tricky but the fact is that there is nothing easier than blending when it comes to makeup. Yes, it requires some defined techniques but they are super easy to pull off. Just make sure you blend enough to get the soft look you want and you are half done!

Step 4: Dab Glitter evenly

Once you are done blending the two colors together, your transitional base is ready. This base has the power to add an edgy look to your glitter eyes. After creating this softened look, simply dab some glitter on the lid using your flat brush or your ring finger. Use a patting motion, simply apply this eye glitter to your eyelids and make sure there isn’t any fallout. You can pick this glitter in a stick form or even in a liquid form. Both of them look equally charming. It is the application that does wonders for the look!

Step 5: Finish off with Eyeliner & Mascara

Eyeliner is a must for your eye makeup because it adds drama to your regular look. Though glitter is enough for adding drama; a touch of black should never be skipped. A cat-eye or winged look really glams up this look and that is why you must finish off your glitter eye makeup look with this one.

You can also go for a mascara look alone because this one will make your face look soft and subtle. The makeup will also look tined down with a simple mascara look.


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