Important summer makeup tips for girls with combination skin

No matter what skin type you belong to, there are always some downsides that come along with each one of it. Let’s take an example of combination skin which means some parts of your skin are oily and the other parts are dry. Dealing with such skin type can be a real task and girls with combination skin can easily relate to this. While you may easily get away with your skincare routine by tweaking a few things as per your skin’s requirements but it’s equally important to pay attention to your skin’s needs when it comes to makeup. Using the right makeup products is the key to scoring a good makeup look and this becomes even important during summers as you would want your makeup to stay on for as long as it can.
As you do your makeup, make sure to follow these makeup tips to ensure that things don’t get messy and you look your absolute best all the time.

Use blotting paper to remove excess shine

After you’re done applying the moisturizer, don’t jump ahead and start doing your makeup, firstly take a blotting paper and use it to blot extra shine from all the oily areas such as the forehead, chin, and nose. This is a very important step; make sure that you don’t skip it. Another great method is to use a mattifying toner as it will help in mattifying your skin. This won’t only mattify your skin but will also help to tighten the pores which further will make your skin look more even. Just make sure that you’re using an alcohol-free toner.

Apply buildable foundation

Unlike other skin types, your skin has different requirements on different parts of your face which makes it slightly difficult to find the right type of foundation. But there’s nothing to worry as you can easily use a buildable foundation to do the job. As you must already know, combination skin needs different coverage in different areas, it is important to use a foundation that can be applied according to the coverage requirement on different areas of the face and a buildable foundation does this job perfectly. After putting on the first layer, you can further layer up the foundation where the need comes.

Don’t forget the contour

Contouring is one of the most important parts of your makeup routine and you shouldn’t miss out on applying this product. Contour is the means of diverting the viewer’s attention to your best features; therefore, skipping this step would be a mistake. Apply the contour to the hollow of your cheeks using a blending makeup brush. Don’t forget to highlight the other parts of your face using a lighter shade as in concealer to brighten up certain areas including your under eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and the center of the forehead. Blend everything to perfection to achieve a flawless look.

Use tonnes of highlighter

As compared to the rest of your face, your cheeks can look very dull and this will only work towards bringing down the look. But we would let you make no mistakes, if your cheeks cannot glow naturally then there is an amazing way to make them shine and that can be done by using a highlighter. Add loads of highlighter on your cheeks and make sure to blend the product nicely to ensure that it looks natural.

Add shimmer to your lips and eyes

One of the easiest ways to make your shiny t-zone look balanced out is by applying shimmer to your lips and eyes. This trick won’t only help in making things look more natural and balanced out but it will also help to add some drama to your look but in a subtle way. Apply shimmer eyeshadow to the lids and blend it nicely. For your lips, you can apply a shimmer lip gloss on the top of your lipstick or you can simply apply a liquid lipstick that comes with shimmer effect.

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