Beauty Hacks That Will Help Uplifting Face Features

Well, girls there no denying that we all what to have those perfect highlighting on our cheekbone, plump lips, and diamond shape cut. However we cannot get the diamond shape but we can help you with some of the effective hacks that will help you get a natural contour to your face and enhance a certain feature such as your eye, cheeks, lips, etc. So let’s get to the hacks to make you face super attractive.

Hack one

To have the perfect cheekbone you need to take two strands of your hair from the center of the sides. You need to grab just some light stands no need to heavy, but don’t take like five-piece there should be around 30 hairs. Take the two and pull them a little. You will notice your cheekbone is elevated a little because your skin has been stretched. Thus don’t tie a loose knot. Take a few seamless hair ties and tie the two strands together. Cover the two with the help of other hair. This will be nice and easy.

Hack two

Natural way to make your lips look not chapped or dry. Use the exfoliation method you do on your skin to your lips as well. So whenever you are doing skincare use the scrub which is meant to be used for the lips. Apply it and rub your fingers gently on it in a circular motion. This process will remove the dead skin from your lips. Apply lip mask and leave it for 10 minutes. Now, if you are doing this at night you can leave the mask overnight. Make sure you apply a thick and even layer of it. If you have left it for 10 minutes then you can apply lip oil after this. now if you are going to bed then leave the oil overnight. If stepping out use a lip balm. Finally, you can go for lipstick. You will be surprised to see how lipstick is going to leave a smooth layer on your lips and no dry skin or chapped lips will be visible.

Hack Three

This hack is of applying perfect winged lined. We have heard the trick of scotch tape but you cannot do that once you have done your entire make so instead you need to go for the tool. There are several tools available these days that you can just place to your skin; it will not stick to the skin making your makeup bad. Instead it will give you the look you want. So just place this plastic curved liner top of your skin and draw the line with the help of a liquid marker. If you are not in applying eyeliner regularly then going for liquid eyeliner can be tricky, use marker eyeliner instead.

Hack Four

To get perfect mascara and not get it on the upper lid as well as the lower eye bag take cardboard. You can tear a small piece out of the delivery boxes. Use two small pieces of cardboard to cut the eye curve. Now place the two before and apply mascara generously. This will give you an even application and no back spots on your eye shadow as well as below. Make sure you don’t cut the curve too deep; keep it thin and a little wider.

Hack Five

This roller is important to take care of your face. If you don’t have it then you should get it. Using this will make a huge difference to your skin. Before you go with it you need to make sure that your face is washed and you have applied toner. Now take 3 drops of essential oil such as tea tree if you have acne-prone skin and spread it to your face. Now, you have to roll the roller on your skin the direction of rolling is specified in the packaging or you can find it online as well.

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